Samsung Galaxy Watch Unboxing!

Here is a FIRST look at the new Samsung Galaxy Watch! Check out what comes in the box, along with setting it up with my Galaxy Note 9! Galaxy Watch Pre-Order:
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Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing:
Note 9 vs Note 8:

This is the 46mm model of the Galaxy Watch.
Galaxy Watch Release Date: 8/24/18
Galaxy Watch Pricing: 46mm – $350
42mm – $330 (bluetooth model)

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26 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Unboxing!”

  1. Shalender Bhargava

    Hi Tim…I am using galaxy watch s3. Finding some problem in calories burn. It is showing the full calories burned while sleeping and samsung health it is showing active calories burnt separately. Can only be active calories burnt be view on my watch?.
    Your help is much appreciated.

  2. Asad Naqvi

    Do you recommend to have it upgraded from Samsung Galaxy S2 Classic watch (which is working fine since past 03 years) ? Your comments will really help

  3. mitch ryan

    Would you recommend it? I'm looking into getting a samsung watch for my s10 plus and I'm on the fence between galaxy watch or the older s3 frontier

  4. Anna Janka

    Does the watch use your phone's credit, when you want to update or download something, receiving/sending messages, etc?? Or does the watch have its own credit that needs topping up?? Though by your video, it seems just as easy as connecting via Bluetooth and that's it.

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