Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Apple Watch: Final Verdict

Which Watch did I keep? The Samsung Galaxy Watch or the Apple Watch? And am I any better I did than I was before?


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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Apple Watch: Final Verdict”

  1. jay brooks

    If you have the apple eco-system usually you don't go back but I did and let me tell you samsaug is so customizable and free you get all those things put on the galaxy watch /frontier

  2. Gift Nderecha

    Ovious outcome. If you have an iPhone just buy an apple watch they are built for each other if i had an iPhone id definitely gun for that AW4 its slick as fuck but nonetheless im an android guy so il go for an android wear watch probably a ticwatch only because i hate the way tizen handles whatsapp notifications its a bit of a deal breaker for me thats why i want a smart watch in the first place. None the less the galaxy watch is a great watch

  3. lunusT Tasker

    Hardly an honest review if you werent using the Galaxy Watch with an Android. Using it with an iPhone gives it a severe handicap the Apple watch doesnt have since Apple wont allow half of its features to work when paired to an iOS device

  4. Matthew Garrison

    I never liked the auto tracking workouts. Just because I'm walking faster than normal doesn't mean it is a workout. Maybe I'm just in a hurry to get somewhere? So then when I look back I now have X number of walking workouts even though I was just walking.

  5. LukeBares

    „Update 1“ (the „first and last update“) and then already the „final verdict“? I have expected more from this „series“ than three videos. However, I hope more is coming but I think more time with both watches would have made the final decision more „painfully honest“ and more „in depth“ 😉

  6. Rogeh

    Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market. I couldn’t find anything on the out there with such smooth interface and excellent build quality.
    With e-sim it replaces my phone 50% of the time.

  7. Debra Dukes

    Jason Awesome Video really sorry to hear that story don't like hearing bad news about anyone and the Weather has been bad.On lighter Note Thanks so much for sharing.And also for all the reasons you choose the watch that you did.Thanks again Deb ?

  8. Jeff Selan

    A lot of good reasons for the Apple watch. A lot of good reasons for the Samsung. But having it be too much of a pain to find your exercise information on the Samsung is crazy. I'm 49 years old with a GED and it took me three screens to find it on my Samsung app. Come on now! Lol

  9. Miklós Szücs

    Steel vs alu, 1 day vs 5 days usage, sleep tracking vs no sleep tracking, 10000 watch faces vs 10, durability vs scratches and a real watchlike look – I could not keep the Apple Watch even with my new iPhone XS Max!

  10. dajam9035

    I think you literally made this video just for views! We all knew what the hell you was going to choose! Why did I even click on this video ?.

  11. Demetrius Martin

    Never got to try an apple watch every time I got an iPhone I used my gallery gear s or gear watch I just like tizen watch os but I'm biased because I like iOS software but the hardware and software features are more robust on Galaxy phones I keep switching my sim and I only go back to iPhone for certain activities because my wife uses iPhone and I like imessage but everything else I prefer Android

  12. Lauron Quilaton

    Please shave or trim down ur beard because ur becoming a swamp guy rather than a tech guy…. I almost did not recognized you, i really thought ur channel is about fish and swamps…. sorry no offense, Just saying!

  13. Ederson Perin

    Honest opinion here. I own a Samsung watch, a Apple Watch and a Fitbit Versa. I was a android user and just recently purchased a iPhone XR. All 3 are great but if you’re going to use for fitness purposes the Fitbit Versa is by far the best one. It has the easiest health app and 24/7 heart monitor which helps me keeping track of my sleeping hours! My wife is using the Samsung device at the moment and my son the Apple Watch. You need to try the Versa. Even the size of the Versa I found better. Plus I can go 4 days with a single charge. Have a good day and God Bless !

  14. Chris A

    Woah. Just what kind of background wall behind JTL is that with the spikes. That’s pretty cool. Could that somehow be like a green screen or something. ????? JTL can you speak about that. Lol. It looks pretty cool

  15. Toni Fasth

    I already knew the answer and why, before I pressed play. Good for you! Apple is your thing, while Samsung is mine.

    Now, send me the Note9 and the Galaxy Watch. I'd take full advantage of them so they won't get wasted. ?

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