Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Apple Watch Series 4 – 5 ways the Galaxy Watch wins!

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Apple Watch Series 4 – 5 ways the Galaxy Watch wins!”

  1. Jeff Gomske

    I agree with just about everything you said. The apple watch 4 is a fantastic device, and in many ways destroys both Tizen and Wear OS (and is far superior to the first 3 versions of their watch, too) but in the places where Samsung excels they REALLY do excel. S Voice is embarrassing, let's just admit that. Especially compared to Google Assistant and Siri. However, the watch faces available for Tizen is head and shoulders superior to apple and Wear OS. The best watch faces I've ever seen were thru Samsung, hands down. The rotating bezel is just flat-out brilliant…not that the rotating button on apple isn't very functional because it is (so much so that many Wear OS manufacturers have copied it), but it's tough to beat Samsungs design. Apps may be far plentiful for apple, but the truth is this: who really uses their watch for apps over their phone? Sure, some people do, but my personal experience is few people actually do. I DO wish the keyboard Samsung uses was as easy to text with as my LG Sport Watch. Swyping on that keyboard even though it is so small is a breeze. All in all, each watch platform has their own strengths, but for me, I prefer Samsung. But the apple watch series 4 is a very close 2nd.

  2. Jb

    Wow the Samsung watch is big and ugly. The OS on the Samsung sucks. I do not like round face watches. If the watch is getting 4 days battery then something is wrong. I had all Samsung products for the last 10 years. A year ago when I tried Apple. Apple is way better. I have the iPhone 8 plus, Air Pods and Apple watch 4. Nothing that I have had Samsung comes close to Apple. Android does not support OS for long and it's buggy and laggy.

  3. Zanderius

    So, I bought the Galaxy Note 9 and both the 42mm and 46mm Galaxy Watches. Both watches failed to accurately keep track of my steps and heart rate. Comparing the number of steps registered by the Galaxy watches to the number of steps registered by the Fitbit Ionic, the Galaxy Watches lost half of all my steps. The Fitbit was off by, maybe, 10%. In regard to heart rate monitoring, the Galaxy Watch FREQUENTLY stopped recording my heart rate. This is a huge problem that affects sleep state tracking in a major way!! When continuous heart rating monitoring is not in effect, you don't get a sleep state report from the Samsung Health app. Until Samsung fixes these major issues, both Galaxy Watches have gone back to Best Buy.

  4. robinson478

    Like almost all the apple products this one looks wrong. its a Huge disaster.. Its also rectangular,bubbles look very childish,and also wears the wrong name:Apple.

  5. Richie Dibble

    Really ? There’s no comparison. The Apple Watch does way more than the Samsung. It’s not even close. Get real please people. And for people who like round smart watches,well round watches show less info.

  6. xguy9

    I had the Apple Watch 3 and I just got the 4. The 3 was terrific and the 4 just take it to another level. I’m sure the galaxy watch is fine too. But this is the thing if your in the Apple ecosystem why would you ever get a Galaxy smartwatch? You will be missing so much. And a course you can’t use a Apple Watch on Android.

  7. MusikPiratCH

    Samsung Galaxy Watch also beats the Apple Watch in accuracy of the step counter and the heart rate monitor. For me there is absolutely no reason to buy a Apple Watch (unless you're a real Apple fan)! For me the ko criterium is the rectangle form factor – a watch need to be round (as I grew up with round watches)! 😀

  8. Kevin Rodriguez

    For a year u cant clean at the back of samsung galaxy watch with the screw and from the band. Unlike apple watch easy to clean always like a brand new, apple watch more ppi pixel than samsung

  9. MarkC 609

    Hahaha OMG that funniest thing just happened to me as I am walking to my local convenient store I clicked on this video to watch and around :30secs in I look down on the ground and found a original Apple Watch 38mm!?! It is smashed and clearly not ever going to work it just poured and rained here and its wet but what the heck are the odds of finding a Apple Watch while watching a Apple Watch video on my phone?! 100% true story, leave a like for me!

  10. avinash singh

    I'm from India and i have recently bought ticwatch pro. I did setup the watch and used for few minutes later i thought i should charge it but it is not charging and now it is not even getting on when i press power button only the symbol of charging appears for few second and disappears.. Kindly help me on this..
    Eagerly waiting for your reply

  11. Bob Morawski

    You raise many interesting points, but the price difference between aluminum and stainless steel for the Apple Watch is actually $300. You can’t buy the stainless steel version in non cellular.

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