Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4 | Show Time!

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In my last 2 videos, I reviewed the #GalaxyWatch and the #AppleWatch Series 4. In this video, The best in the game go head to head in must see #Smartwatch comparison. The Samsung Galaxy Watch vs The Apple Watch Series 4. From Water Resistance, Fitness features, NFC tap to pay, Wireless Charging, Watch Faces, Apps, and sophisticated mobile software. Which is the Best Smartwatch 2019?

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4 | Show Time!”

  1. fardhlu007

    I have the galaxy watch 4g 46mm and my experience with connectivity is flawless and supper fast. Every time I leave home without the watch and come back home the watch connect immediately am in range. So it might be your watch/phone that has connectivity issues

  2. Robert Kotula

    Just a quick note. More RAM is not a straight up indication of how snappy the OS is. It all depends on other factors like the CPU Performance (Apple is custom designed), OS Optimisation (again something Apple is good at) as well as other components used within the phone. You need to look at the whole picture.

  3. aaron terrill

    TeQreation…. Great video bro. I appreciate you being neutral on your personal feelings and not pushing people one way or the other. Very informative and well put together video. Keep up the good work. Never seen one of your videos before, but I def. hit that subscribe button.

  4. San_

    As a watch, Samsung trashes Apple.

    As a smartwatch, right now sadly Apple trashes Samsung.

    Bixby is just terrible; if they'd allow Google Assistant, it'd solve 99% of the issues.

  5. Zack P.

    I have Apple Watch, G3 and lastly Galaxy. For me, it is primarily watch that shows time. It has to look good since it is on my wrist day and night. All other functions come after that. So G3/Galaxy beat crap out of the plain square design of Apple watch which is not even design. It's nothing. Like a sawn off piece of a cell phone. I know, Apple marketing teams show is off like it is the most unique design, but again, it's nothing! No design at all.
    S3/Galaxy is made from stainless steel as a watch should be. Apple watch is made of aluminum. For stainless steel, you have to shell out twice as much.
    As for software Apple watch works perfectly with iPhone and G3/Galaxy with Android where G3/Galaxy also can work with the iPhone. That part really sucks. Only basic interactions are there, but that is "thanks" to Apple imposed limitations.
    I intentionally sacrificed full functionality of the Apple watch/iPhone pair to amazing looks with hundreds of watch faces of G3/Galaxy/iPhone limited functionality. I can live with that. Faces Apple Watch has are a joke. Minnie Mouse? Are you kidding me?

  6. Carl G

    Apple Watch is just a plain looking, overpriced, glorified health monitoring device. I definitely won’t be trading in my Galaxy Watch anytime soon.

  7. StreetSpeedMayhem

    stopped watching when he compared the weight of the watches when he doesn't have the stainless steel watch to compare it too….. ALUMINUM SUPPOSE TO BE LIGHTER THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT!

  8. Adam Abbas

    I remember in the past, it was apple that had the looks and samsung that had the bells and whistles. Samsung doesn't innovate as much as they used to. Apple hasn't innovated in many years. The Chinese companies are trying different things out and experimenting. Its what samsung used to do, but stop doing once they got the market lead.

  9. Ayas Hossain

    i already have both and also the Smartphone for each one and i must say: The apple watch is much more smarter than the Samsung watch because it works easier than it and it works cleaner. I have never seeen a lagg on the apple waatch. And on the Samsung watch have i seen many lagg after using it 2 months.


    The apple watch works niceee
    The Samsung watch looks nicee

  10. jason hyde

    I’ve had 2 galaxy watches loved them both but never got 3 days out of them. On the other had I just bought the gen 4 watch and love it better and get better and longer days out of it and a plus can listen to music with it in my head phones.

  11. Rich Cowan

    There's absolutely no reason whatsoever that the apple watch has to be so expensive. Reduce it by 100 and it'll be an interesting watch then.

  12. Jman 2081

    I know several gayphone and gaywatch users you know the ones with the fruit logo that already has a bite missing, anyways please stop throwing your money away on low storage, low control rancid rotting fruit products. There has to be something better in the world or Galaxy maybe?

  13. William Brown

    omg they still deploy s-voice with galaxy watch? they seriously must hate their customers

    btw, this was a REALLY good review/comparison. i'm very impressed. SUBd.

  14. Theonlydezman

    Very well done review, fleshed everything out and brought forth good points. Anyone ignorant of smart watches would be pleasantly enlightened after watching an easy to follow video such as this.

  15. Sathyanarayana Vemula

    Your hardware customization for Samsung Galaxy watch was the worst i have ever seen and this video is the best comparison b/w the smart watches. I think i covered both good and bad review????

  16. Ruby F

    Doesnt the Apple Watch only work on iPhones? Correct me if Im wrong but as far as I know, Samsung watches work on both iPhones and Samsung (android) phones, but Apple Watches work on iPhones ONLY

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