Samsung Galaxy Watch VS Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active from Amazon here:

Samsung Galaxy Watch from Amazon here:

These are the two latest and greatest gps smart watches from Samsung with lots of fitness and health features built in. This review will compare both side by side in various health and fitness situations.

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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music:

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap HR monitor

Yunmai Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale

Garmin Instinct:

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40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch VS Galaxy Watch Active”

  1. Kate

    The Active will track your lazy bum on the couch as Sleep, so if you receive the notification to move, move your bum to the other side of the couch ✨

  2. K Warner

    Hey just a heads up at 1:16 you say the galaxy watch active and compare it to the galaxy watch active. Not a huge deal but confused me for a second. Cheers!

  3. Raed H

    Have you noticed that the GPS is not really accurate to reality? So compare them to an Apple watch or garmin and you will see how they are so wrong especially on more than 5k runs.

  4. Arthur Kirk

    Love the Samsung screens but not being able to pair with an external heart rate monitor is a no go for me. My Garmin gets WAY more accurate when I remember to put on HR chest strap.
    Thanks for another great video.

  5. Roger van Hout

    for the gps signal, thats a software bug. I managed to iron this bug out on my app. It's a fairly simple fix (start the gps, stop the gps and start it again)

  6. Moran Monovich

    It was very wise to put those to watch model against each other, now I can see how big are the compromises compare to the galaxy watch.
    Poor visibly in outdoor activity for a running watch… not good.

  7. ianmalkaviac

    Why were you wearing it so high on your wrist? You are only supposed to have it one finger above the wrist joint. My Samsung Galaxy watch active tracks my pulse accurately all the time. Maybe you shouldn't wear it half way up your arm. Also you can adjust your screen brightness and I've never had an issue seeing it outside. Also IDK why but your "Active" watch looked huge compared to the one I have, maybe that was the camera. Anyways try wearing the watch lower on your arm, like I said I've never had an issue with heart rate tracking with my Active.

  8. btp589

    This may be an obvious thing but it seems like there is something wrong with your Samsung Active HR sensor. Even sitting still should measure your heart rate, so if that doesn't work then what's the point in trying to measure while you're at the gym? I have not had a single moment where my Samsung Active cannot measure my heart rate, so I am sure there is something defective with yours. As for accuracy, that's a different story.

    I mainly got mine because it is light, small and comfortable to wear when I go for hikes and long jogs (2-3 hours). The ability to play Spotify (offline) through downloading playlists beforehand is absolutely amazing. I no longer have to bring my phone along for these long hikes and jogs, which is my #1 problem that the Samsung Active solved.

    I never understand why people care so much for the data that they can collect from their workouts. Heart rate, calories burned, strides per minute, elevation, hydration loss, etc. Unless you're an athlete or exercising for professional reasons, there's no point for all these data. Even if you are a professional athlete, chances are you're not going to use a $200-$400 device to measure data, you probably have the money to afford trainers and professional equipment to measure all these things.

    For 99% of people just trying to workout, all you need to do is workout on a regular basis, track how long you're working out (duration), track your distance (if you're jogging), track your pace (intensity). That's about it…the rest of the data isn't going to help you get fit or help you work out better or anything. Who cares how fast your heart rate is while you're running? Just try to increase your distance and your pace and that is the best way you're going to measure your fitness level.

    Did you know that your heart rate alone provides no true value? It depends on everyone's individual body, age and their fitness level. If you're 25 years old, fit and exercise daily, getting up and sprint to raise your heart rate to 180bpm is completely fine and healthy. Now, if you're 40 years old, hasn't worked out for years, 80lbs overweight, getting up and sprint to raise your heart rate to 180bpm, then that's probably going to hurt you. Therefore, you cannot have a blanket statement to say that a certain heart rate is good or bad.

  9. pewc fpv

    I'm pretty sure alot of the problems you're describing with the galaxy watch active will be fixed with future updates. The watches are basically the same except the screen and casing. But if the internals are the same, it should be fixed with updates. Just like the heartrate cutting out with the active but not the regular watch, same hardware but not reading the same which narrows it down to a software issue. Give it time and then come back to it.

  10. Nicholas Brooks

    Hey Eric, I wanted to thank you for your thorough reviews. Thanks to you taking the smartwatches to the gym I decided to purchase the garmin vivoactive 3. I do a lot of cardio high intensity (think P90X, insanity) workout and strength training. Your review showed me that the garmin was the watch for me. Thanks again. You gained a subscriber

  11. balder9110

    Great review! in your opinion galaxy watch vs vivoactive 3. Who win in terms of step tracking without gps and cardio activity? I know that with the smart part the galaxy totally won, but in the fitness part?

  12. Shawn Chalfant

    I’m happy with my Active. I could care less about all the stats anyway. Been exercising years without the stats anyway. More BS just to sell a product. Samsung should be sued for false marketing the whole blood pressure deal.

  13. M. Nazhim

    Man i thought that the new Galaxy Watch Active will be a game changer for sub $200 fitness tracker . But it was a let down for me cause the optical heart rate was crapped then it can't be paired with 3rd party heart rate monitor . Apart from the design and its weigh, i'm really disappointed with the watch. Guess i will save a little bit and wait for the new Garmin FR 245 or 945 to come out

  14. vikram chakor

    Eric dude took the Apple watch 4 on your review . It's good but wanted to contact you related to how to use the GPS on my series 4 . The customer service in UAE is not great they don't know anything . Also the watch is great but the hr monitoring is not continous like fitbit or Garmin . But it's accurate and it has an integrated breathe reminder it's great . But the app lags few features like a desktop application.
    Also everytime we need to give permission to activate location it's not like fitbit when u start outdoor run it will check the GPS .


    Again a good review, thank you. I believe that you are helping people by letting them know about what is good or bad with this kind of, not so cheap products. If I didn't already had a sport watch, I don't think I would go and get any of these Galaxy watches. And I am surprised that the heart rate sensor does not affect the amount of burned calories. Anyway, I am using a watch from Polar and their system for collecting all activities (Polar Flow). And I like that system and I would like to keep it even if I in the future might change my daily wear to for example Apple Watch. And there is an application that seems to be capable of synchronising data between different systems, example: data from Apple watch to Polar Flow or data from Fenix 5 to Strava. But how does it work in real life? I think people would be interested in this topic, maybe you will do a review about this application called RunGap?

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