Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. the Apple Watch Series 3

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. the Apple Watch Series 3”


    I love my S3 frontier. I bought it used for $135 USD. It was like new. I also have an LG watch sport which is also a great watch. Both I got from the USA because the Canadian S3 doesn't have NFC activated.
    S3 is my daily driver for several reasons including step count is more accurate than my LG.

  2. HIvanH91

    Pretty straight forward choice – if you have an iPhone, get the Apple watch, if you have an android or Samsung, get the galaxy watch

  3. Vapey McVape Face

    Samsung Galaxy Watch

    If you are buying this for its Health Tracking abilities don't. The HR sensor barely takes any readings even when set to continuous, when it does they're wildly inaccurate. I have a RHR of 54bpm, earlier whilst stood still, I had actually got a reading, but of 171bpm! Samsung say they're aware of problem and working on a fix. Will not give timeframes, size of team etc.. After experiencing the problems you don't have to look far on the internet to see that this problem effects all of their wearable and stretches back years.

  4. Phillip Pugh

    The apps are so over played once the novelty wears off you end up using the same probably 5 apps. My Samsung watch has all the apps I need for a screen this small

  5. EternalTrick

    I don't get why people care so much about app support on the watch because the watch is not meant to replace your phone it is supposed to just be to tell the time and to make it so you don't have to pull your phone out of your pocket to check notifications.

  6. gabby Gabiosis

    One thing i like about the gear s3 which i have is the dedicated app store.. i dont need my galaxy phone to get a new watch face or new app.. i can do all right from the watch.. its so convenient.. aside that i prefer the apple watch

  7. Crypto Jihadi

    Galaxy is freaking awesome. Best looking watch out there.

    Apple still can’t track sleep FFS. Even with the 4.

    The faces you can get on the Galaxy are off the charts.

  8. Prosper Mtui

    before i was using moto360 smart watch first generation…had to charge mid half every day to keep up with the whole day use…bought myself 2017 samsung gear sport ..MY GOD!i was amazed 3days battery life and that is connected full time with my s8plus..I LOVE TIZEN so much.. samsung should focus with Tizen Os please

  9. John Glasspoole

    I have the Galaxy S3 Frontier (basically the same watch as the Galaxy watch with only a few minor differences). I have several smart watches and I have to say my favorite by far is the Samsung S3 for so many reasons. Tizen for one, is a wonderful OS! The bezel… what can be said? I find this genius. It's true that the Apple watch is great too, and has many more useful apps, but in terms of overall functionality, the design, build, and look… it's badass. Love it.

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