Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: 3 months later

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t the perfect phone or the most powerful phone. It doesn’t have the best cameras or battery life. It costs $1,380. And yet its foldable fun has won me over. I’ve been using it for three months and here’s everything you need to know, from durability and the crease to performance and the cameras.

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: 3 months later”

  1. Oni Taka

    Small when flip, would good for photographic, videos cause easy to handle. Fun flip lol. He opens like GAO RANGER ( super hero team movies from Japan) lol

  2. Erik Halaska

    i just copped the 5g version, they upgraded to a 865+ processor and a nice matte finish. I'm loving this phone, left my note 10 plus. I got it for only 600 though, so theres that lol

  3. Melvin Freeman

    I thought years ago that there would have been a lot of companies copying the Samsung Galaxy Note. For the most part, it just didn’t happen. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a small marketing presence. It’s potential is grand though🤗! Awesome video presentation 😀👍🏾!!

  4. Absolute Senpai

    it looks like a really good phone to use for business. The 2 screen for multitasking is really good. Specs wise though, its not that good so people who are huge on social media should probably not buy this…

  5. Robert Robertson

    I think I'm going to wait few years until the tech improves and the prices come down. It's 1550€ (+1800$) in Finland 😀
    Would love to have a smaller phone that fits in a pocket, but that price tag is just too much for my wallet.. The A71 what I'm using now does exactly what I need from a "phone", but the size is just humongous.. Maybe I'll just start using one of my old Nokias from my collection and use the A71 as a sort of a back up..
    Nice review, thanks!

  6. Fdizzle Brown

    Very excellent review 👍🏿. Modern day person addressing modern day problems & features of the phone. Phone reviews should address lifestyle usage. Keep it up guy; still going to hold on to my note 10+ for now tho!

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