Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G (Mystic Bronze) Unboxing & First Impressions!

In this video we are going to be unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in the Mystic Bronze color in addition to comparing it with the previous Z Flip. I will give my first impressions on the 5G Z Flip in addition to my long term review of my overall experience with the Z Flip. Thanks for watching!

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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G (Mystic Bronze) Unboxing & First Impressions!”

  1. Eris Azani

    Omg the way he flips the phone open really bothers me. He's a little to rough with the device. I open my z flip with two hands slowly every time.

  2. newb529

    Perfect video! I bought the lte version but broken to see if I'd like it just traded in my s10 plus for the 5g z flip. Ebay was the broken one wanted to see my overall experience. S10 plus is definitely a perfect phone imo but I wanted something different

  3. Robbie Mills

    Just a heads up, I ordered a Z Flip 5G directly from Samsung today. I traded in a Galaxy Note 10+ and got $650 trade in credit. What I noticed is that I also added a leather Samsung Z Flip case to my cart and they gave it to me for free. So even though they don't include a case in the box, they did give me a case for free.

  4. HaaaNoooooo

    5G and more expensive with less included in the box. Trade in is way less on the original Z Flip because they know the 5G isn't an upgrade. 15W charging? Thats lesd then my 2 plus year old phone.

  5. Chris Tmg

    Did you buy an aftermarket band for the Watch 3 or just used the one from Watch Active 2? I'm thinking of getting the Watch 3 but it apparently doesn't have rubber band to chose or even buy separately or it's just me who hasn't done proper research..

  6. Ari H

    Hey Great video! I have a question I currently have the note 9 only had for less than a year I love it but I was wondering after the note 20 ultra being pretty similar to the note 10 plus, if I could find a decent deal, is it worth upgrading to the 10 plus.mainly for the bigger screen, newer processor, cameras I don't really care about because I'm still impressed with mine but an upgrade would be nice, I'd get one for like 600 and sell my note 9 for like 300 or something like that does it make sense or just keep note 9 for longer because it's still a beast

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