Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the refresh of Samsung’s clamshell style folding phone with the new Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset and 5G. The design, durability and flexible 6.7” OLED UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) display are the same as the first gen model. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it’s available in a satin finish Mystic Bronze as well as Mystic Gray. The Android 10 smartphone with One UI 2.5 has 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. It has the same main and ultrawide rear 12MP cameras as the previous version and a front 10MP camera. It’s available for $1,449 unlocked and from AT&T and T-Mobile in the US (it’s also compatible with Verizon).
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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Review”

  1. HaaaNoooooo

    Just found out, it isn't just a mono speaker. It also fires out of a small speaker in the top. Interesting. Why I found out? Phone had a glitch that anytime a notification came on, it would cut the main speaker in apps. Went away after I plugged it into the charger. Happened on my Note 4 years ago and had to get a replacement.

  2. Liam Curry

    Great and informative review. I am tempted but I think I will wait until they bring the cameras up to par with standard Samsung flagships. Love your T-shirt too.

  3. Iva B

    If you have that much money to buy the phone like this shame on you for not giving to the homeless or the children his hungry because you’ve got too much money

  4. Nariskotch G

    Love your shirt! Thanks for the review, its very through. I will hold off buying a flip phone, not enough competition makes this phone too expensive. I can buy kick ass computers (note pleural) for the price.

  5. regz MAVERICK

    So i have this phone for 3 days now.. I noticed that when im scrolling down when searching on google that my screen flickers! Its really a nice looking phone and its fold but other than that, i found myself using my note 10+ ! Morethan the flip.Im thinking to return it.

  6. GrammarNazi1988

    Interesting but I don't trust it. I don't trust the hinge to not loosen over time and cause the phone to flop around. Also of concern is the fragile screen — a mere slight tap with a fingernail seems to damage it.

  7. Hunter Hartfiel

    Just have to point out – The Z Flip 5G is starting at $1449, not $1399, and the Z Flip LTE price has been dropped to $1299 from the original $1380, so you're actually saving ~$150 by going for the LTE model, and take that information as you will when considering which device you personally want to purchase

  8. 1xsandrax1

    Love that Dragon Ball Z shirt with the Galaxy Z Flip review. Also love the Luigi's Mansion wall paper. Great review Lisa! I always enjoy your videos!

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