Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Unboxing and First Impressions. It's FLIPPING COOL

This is my unboxing and first impressions of the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the upgraded version of the Z Flip – and It’s Flipping Cool! I really enjoyed the Z Flip so I decided to go ahead and grab this one. The bumped the processor up to the latest and greatest Snapdragon 865+, and decided to give it 5G, and a matte finish that looks and feels great – and doesn’t pick up fingerprints like the old one. It comes in two colors: Mystic Bronze and Mystic Gray, and it costs $1449

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37 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Unboxing and First Impressions. It's FLIPPING COOL”

  1. Eric Chan

    I like the concept of the modern day smart flip phone with the larger screen but it needs an IP rating for my own safety and also just curious the longevity of the screen over prolong use. Also the cost needs to come down so hopefully maybe when the Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes out I might get interested.

  2. Hunter Hartfiel

    Not to nag but the base Note20 does have the Mystic Gray option, it comes in Bronze, Gray, and Green, the Ultra is the one that comes in Bronze, Black, and White. But the Mystic Gray is exclusive to the small Note20 and Z Flip 5G

  3. Robbie Mills

    Just a heads up, I ordered a Z Flip 5G directly from Samsung today. I traded in a Galaxy Note 10+ and got $650 trade in credit. What I noticed is that I also added a leather Samsung Z Flip case to my cart and they gave it to me for free. So even though they don't include a case in the box, they did give me a case for free.

  4. blondie jam

    Love my Z flip but it has no Dex no problems with mine had it since February when it first came out have you Dex on the 5 g model I'm gutted as have to revert back to my note 8 to use my Dex station

  5. Steve Dion

    Really interested phone. Tough decision, the Note 20 Ultra is cheaper. That’s a heck of a phone vs. all the compromises we have to deal with on the Z.

  6. FoxTech

    Think you chose well with the Mystic Grey! Matte finish looks great 👌 nice work 👏 you're gonna be picking up the fold 2 I'd imagine to add to the collection 👀

  7. Yarixza Ortiz

    Hi great video, I ordered the same color, same deal -$400. Trade in. But I added the leather case and it was free. Did you get it and can you make a video, just to see it on… Haven't received mine yet…

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