Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G – Unboxing and Review (New and Improved)

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is out. In this video, we will review and unbox the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

This is the updated version of the Z Flip, and has a few enhancements over the 1st generation of the Z Flip (non 5G model).

Galaxy Z Flip 2 is here!

Let’s dive in.

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G – Unboxing and Review (New and Improved)”

  1. Robbie Mills

    Just a heads up, I ordered a Z Flip 5G directly from Samsung today. I traded in a Galaxy Note 10+ and got $650 trade in credit. What I noticed is that I also added a leather Samsung Z Flip case to my cart and they gave it to me for free. So even though they don't include a case in the box, they did give me a case for free.

  2. HaaaNoooooo

    5G and more expensive with less included in the box. 15W charging only? Trade in is way less on thr original though. They are trying to move 5Gs. 865+ processor and better wifi is a plus. The Matte finish, isn't just fingerprints but, preventing it from sliding off your desk. Actually the trade in is about 300-400 dollars more, on the 5G if you have a 2 year old phone. So, the 5G was about 250 dollars less expensive after taxes than the original Flip from Samsung or other carriers. Huge trade in values on the new Samsung 5G phones

  3. Giovino Corrado

    I just got the phone …but it only has 1 sim card and no esim …even if on the box i have 2 imei and the esim number , but in the settings area there is no trace of setting up the esim !!!

  4. Jay Salas

    Saki. Quick question. I have an unlocked G10 but Samsung never updated to Android 10 should I trade for this new z flip. Your opinion will be appreciated

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