Samsung Galaxy Z Flip After The Buzz: Did It Survive?

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By definition, the word gimmick means: a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade.. We use the word a lot to describe ideas that make a product stand out, but are not necessarily useful.

The other day my buddy Jon Rettinger asked everyone what their favorite phone was on Twitter, and I couldn’t name just one. Cellphones have been my life since 1998, at a time when owning a clamshell was the exclusive privilege for the wealthy.

I paid a lot of money for my first Nokia 282, and even more for my Motorola TimePort 8167, later my StarTAC 7860 and then my all-time-favorite, the Motorola V60i. All had one thing in common: They were clamshells at a time when every other phone was the size of Texas. See, back then, having your phone collapse was NOT a gimmick. And sure, everyone wanted to be that guy with the flashing LED on his belt holster, which he would then unsnap with a single hand to make or take that call.

So of course I was the perfect target for the new RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Tablets collapsing into phones is definitely more useful, but only the clamshell would allow Generation X folks like me to re-live the nostalgia of being “that guy” again.

So, I tried both. Compared them in a video, and quickly realized Z Flip was the better foldable, but then using it for months has made me ask a more important question: Is a clamshell a better phone, just like in the old days? I mean they’re cool, and they do turn some heads, but does the clamshell solve a problem, or is it a very pricey and fragile solution in search for one? Heck after the frenzy of stress testing videos, most of the people I talk to just want to know if it survives real world use, and that is this series’ specialty. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip After The Buzz.


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32 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip After The Buzz: Did It Survive?”

  1. John Cloyd

    Screw that im old school with new school and I played around with Flip in Best buy and its just like my S9 but it flips down. And I love my S9 so hell yea ill buy it. And because im a concrete truck driver and I need to protect my Screen at any cost…

  2. dross24MA

    Remember the Samsung SCH-U750 hybrid?
    Yeah, to me that's still the best cell phone of them all.
    Why didn't you mention the phone quality, both hearing and speaking?
    Am debating/comparing the Samsung Z-flip vs Motorola Razr flip…both are still over-priced.

  3. Alex Ander

    I've had mine for 8 months now and love it. Compact when folded and full size when opened. Battery life is not S20 level but very good. I've never ripped open the phone like that & watching him do it gave me anxiety. I use a bit more care. Would you kick open your car door on your Tesla like that? lol. I've kept the original purple mirror finish uncovered along with bare screen with no scratches on it and even dropped it on hard floor a few times with no problem. No regrets and for a 1st gen design; it's a definite winner.

  4. johnmonk66

    Samsung has made a flip phone for years where the top is all screen and runs android but never sold them in America.
    Why not? I would buy that.

  5. T-Time

    I am most likely going to get the Galaxy Z Flip 2 when it eventually releases next year. If it adds a bigger/better front display, 120hz, and stereo speakers this phone would be perfect for me. Thanks for the great video Jaime!

  6. Comet Dove

    When the phone is closed, it looks like a $1,000+ Gameboy Advance SP. The first thing I’d do, if I owned this phone is download Mario Kart Tour 😍

  7. cim888

    Calling a innovative 1st gen folding phone a gimmick and comparing the all features to the flagship models is pretty ludicrous. Gee Samsung you can't please us all but do keep trying despite these "critics", some may call him sincere but he comes off douchy to me. Its like complaining that the initial $200k Tesla roadster doesn't have the boot, comfort or 4 doors that the maserati quattroporte has at the same price.

    Someone needs to be "that guy" that tries to give us what we want and to bring us mind blowing latest tech. Let hope that Samsung never stops trying.

  8. Schelle Tick

    I have now watched so many review videos, I really liked your honesty and straight forward review. We can all read tech specs, but getting real reviews of someone using the actual phone is great. Thank you so much.

  9. RRooooooNNNN

    I hope they make a Z Flip 2, but expand the outer screen to the full size of one of the halves of the phone. so it would me more similar to the Z Fold 2, edge to edge outer screen.

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