Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Impressions After 72 Hours!

After a few days with the Galaxy Z Flip, here are my impressions on the first Flip Phone from Samsung! Hear about the design, a drop, the fold, and more! Subscribe for more:
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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Impressions After 72 Hours!”

  1. 738polarbear

    The lip is NOT to protect it . It is there because the screen cannot fold FLAT . There is a gap BETWEEN the two halves when it is folded . They are putting out these phones BEFORE. the technology is there . So you have a screen with a large easily seen CREASE. running across it.

  2. CJ Jones

    Wait until dirt, sand, etc… gets behind the folding mechanism and you’ll love the grinding noise every time you open and close it

  3. Blayze McDonald

    I see they are trying to appeal to people that liked the old generation of phones but the true beauty to flip phones I feel is being misunderstood here. People didn't like them because they were more personal people liked them because they were a lot closer to simplicity, phones were originally designed to talk on period and that was the last phone that wasn't really a computer. Some people just like the old way of doing things like checking they're emails on the desk top or laptop at home or work. I'm not one of these people but i've asked people that stay with them.

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