Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review

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34 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review”

  1. Bianca C da Kitteee

    Well to be quite honest I would expect the glass to be thin BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO FOLD IT! Its obviously NOT like the other flip phones from yesteryear because the screen and the buttons were on total separate sections. The screen didnt stretch from top to bottom. So now that samsung decided to bring back the flip phones of yesteryear they understand it Will TAKE a much thinner screen than all the other phones if they want it to work right.
    When i was in the t-mobile store last month I was SERIOUSLY inspecting the phone i held it up sideways and diagonally just bending and unbending it looking at how they designed the hinge and screen. I personally think they did a good job with its structure and design, and all the things your nagging about in the video. Is unnecessary, you have to remember that this is THE FIRST of its kind in over a decade the early 2000's flip phone's were waaaaay different within their particular design and durability. So for a company to remake/bring back the 1st flip phone after a frickin decade and make it look cooler and different I give them a frickin "A for EFFORT" you should look at this as "a practice run" they make it, put it out on the market for us to judge and see what they can IMPROVE on the next round. What works and doesn't work. So don't get bent out of shape when they dont give you EVERYTHING you want all in one go. That's being spoiled. Spoiled by cell phones over the years. Complaining about every miniscule Itty bitty thing, because this phone purposely does something different from the other phone. (They do that for a reason and on purpose…DUH) "Oh i would have liked to see them do this that and the 3rd with this phone." Not taking into consideration that this is just a 'tester' if you will…..because think about it, every time they came out with an idea and sold it to us but it doesn't do very well. Havent you noticed that they DROP the idea and dont make another one like it? If something doesn't sell well they dont make their money, and they dont want to lose their fans so they go back to the drawing board and come up with a new idea/plan/design. They actually listen to us and they try to come up with better ideas that will appease us. Ok rant over 😅😆😁

  2. Alicia Shanks

    If anyone could take a chance on developing a novelty like this, it's Samsung. I like the concept and hope they'll be able to come out with a more affordable model in the future along with improvements. A girl can dream!

  3. Jon Apol

    A phone that turns into a tablet make sense.

    But a phone that if you flip will transform into a phone? Whoa. Brilliant idea Samsung. Brilliant!

    Indeed an innovation! 👏👏👏


  4. Asif Rangooni

    Hi bro can u confirm if u can c the name of d caller / caller Id on that small screen n also is der any option in d setting wherein u open d flip to receive d call … pls confirm…

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