Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Tips Tricks & Hidden Features | YOU MUST TRY!!

Thank you so much for watching my Samsung Z Flip, Exclusive Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features video. Let me know down in the comments which was your favourite!

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Tips Tricks & Hidden Features | YOU MUST TRY!!”

  1. Tony Keefer

    But, is there a way to boost the bass and tremble. I play pandora on it, but it sounds a bit hollow. I messed with the installed sound settings but didnt help much

  2. Ian Rowland

    I would never buy another Samsung Z Flip, where the screen fold the plastic cover on the screen has lifted and now has dust between it and the glass screen. It's 5 months old, I have sent it back to be repaired just for Samsung to tell me the damage was done by me now I have to pay for a new screen. I'm willing to pay for the new screen even tho I didn't damage the z flip screen, it's been two months now without the phone and everytime I call them they have different excuses why I don't have my z flip back. I couldn't wait any longer and I could of bought the new z flip 5g but not after all the lies and stuff around from Samsung. I will never buy another Samsung phone again, instead I bought the new Motorola Razr 5g and Wow it's a much better phone. The Motorola Razr even looks like a flip phone, not like the Samsung Z Flip looks like a lady's small makeup case.. Be Ware of the Screen on your Z Flip, shame on you Samsung 👎👎

  3. MaHID plays YT

    You are the best tech
    I just brought the zflip
    And your trips and tricks made me more happy
    Keep it up and may god bless you

    Can anyone subscribe me as I just open my own YouTube need support ❤️

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