Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Unboxing and First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Unboxing and First Impressions
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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Unboxing and First Impressions”

  1. Alicia Gunsallus

    I didnt even k ow these kinds of phones existed.. until now… I must be living under a rock.. I would be too afraid to own one of those even though it is pretty great.. but I'm clumsy as all get out so I'm out.. lol.

  2. Tony

    Passed on this for the S20+, but imma cop the next one. Hopefully phone designs/tech will be done with all this notch nonsense by then as a bonus.

  3. Hunter Son

    People: Samsung sucks!
    People: BeST pHOneS evEr

  4. el el

    Man im really thinking about buying this but im using the Mi Mix 3 ive had since launch and its given me 0 problems….. Maybe i will wait til they make that outer display bigger…..

  5. The Dude

    This is the phone i’ve been waiting for! Gonna wait til this phone got a better specs, hopefully the next gen will have a better front screen, 5G connection, and better camera!

  6. Emile U.

    I would for this phone consider the leather case…but only use the bottom part for extra grip when flippin’ (so it won’t slip and fly out my hand).

  7. Ariel Saunders

    Hey Floss, just curious when you'll be doing your full review on the z flip? In the market for a new phone and question the z flip or the new note 20 ultra… Im curious to see how well the z flip holds up.

  8. Karan Gurung

    its sad to see they made the z flip and fold – same model line now with new galaxy z fold2 . i really want this kinda foldong but with better specs.

  9. Melvin Tulod

    After a few months of this being out, I saw one of OfferUp for a low price. I was able to get it for 800 because of the wear and tear it had. With the perfect settings, you have a regular Android phone but flips. You dont need to buy a new phone like this. Good thing I waited for a few months and I got a score!

  10. Ace Morales

    Yo I’m sitting here watching the video totally normal, this man does the smell test and just hits us with the “MMMMMMMMMM” the intensity just has me weak every time lmaooooo

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