Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Z Flip 5G: Watch Before You Buy!

This is my comparison video between the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. In this video I’ll cover the major differences between the two phones, and talk about the processor upgrade to the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865G, as well as the new 5G modem, and the color changes. I’ll also do some side by side comparisons and talk about the two phones, pricing, and which one is best for you.

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Z Flip 5G: Watch Before You Buy!”

  1. Alfaramz3

    Samsung makes their phones great for durability- Ive had my Samsung S8 for a long time about 6 years now. Whatever phone you get from Samsung will be durable- unlike when I used to be an iphone user everytime a new iphone came out my old one started f'ing up. With Samsung if a new phone comes out, your phone will be fine.

  2. Ian Rowland

    I would never buy another Samsung Z Flip, where the screen fold the plastic cover on the screen has lifted and now has dust between it and the glass screen. It's 5 months old, I have sent it back to be repaired just for Samsung to tell me the damage was done by me now I have to pay for a new screen. I'm willing to pay for the new screen even tho I didn't damage the z flip screen, it's been two months now without the phone and everytime I call them they have different excuses why I don't have my z flip back. I couldn't wait any longer and I could of bought the new z flip 5g but not after all the lies and stuff around from Samsung. I will never buy another Samsung phone again, instead I bought the new Motorola Razr 5g and Wow it's a much better phone. The Motorola Razr even looks like a flip phone, not like the Samsung Z Flip looks like a lady's small makeup case.. Be Ware of the Screen on your Z Flip, shame on you Samsung 👎👎

  3. azrul nizam

    I’m gonna buy them when they are cheap. 855+ is more than enough for me as I’m currently daily driving an iPhone 12. As for 5G, it will need a couple more years before it mature.

  4. Sofie

    I'm thinking of buying a flip (i have a samsung galaxy s9 edge now) but idk which one yet. I like the design of the z flip (1) the most it looks really cool esp the mirroring stuff and it really suits my aesthetic, but the mystic white 5g looks more dope (sadly i can't buy it since it isn't on sale in eu) i was also thinking about buying the new z flip thats coming this 2021 but i've seen some pictures but i don't really like the design😅😅 so idk which one i should buy, i dont really care about if the phone is waterproof or not, i only care about if the phone's screen cracks easily or not and maybe care a little bit about the battery but that wouldn't be something to focus on since my current phone's battery mah is still smaller than the one of the z flip (1).
    If the mystic white one would come out in my country i would defo buy it, but idk which colours the new z flip will come out- and i also can't find a lot of information about the limited mystic white coming to europe..
    I've also heard that when the new model comes out that the first one won't be in stock anymore so i think i need to decide fast?
    What should i do, which one should i buy?? 🥺

  5. Assia EB

    it doesn't really matter if they pick up finger prints if u put a case on it, im not gonna run around w a 1k phone without protection lmao

  6. E.W Labz

    Would you recommend the the 4g for £720 over the 5g for £850 or is the 5G with extra processer worth the money in terms of futureproofing? Debating on this phone, wanted this phone since they've announced it. These prices are the usual for mint condition for these phones in most trade in stores in the UK in case anyone wonders

  7. Dave Thomas

    Awesome video. Thank you for creating and sharing. Probably best for me to wait for the Z Flip 2 and see how Samsung matches up to the most current Motorola Razr. Hope to see Motorola Razr vs Z Flip 2 comparison video from your channel.

  8. A M

    Do you think that those matte screen protectors would would be ok to apply? Like the ones on amazon, just not sure if i should trust those 3rd party brands

  9. Rick Nelson

    I owned the Z Flip 5G for 3 days, sent it back to Samsung today. There is a reason they don't have them on display at phone stores. They are much better in our mind than they are in reality. Very cumbersome to "flip" and I have pretty big hands. Way more of a hassle to use and without a functional outer screen like the Moto, it's just plain worthless. I've gone back to my S20 Plus for now. I may try the Razr, but will most likely wait til the next version of the Z Flip, if it has a functional outer screen I'll give it a go.

  10. Bob McGarry

    Samsung is much better than apple. Wireless and Reverse wireless Charging, 5G, Hi-speed WIFI, Screen Protector for 5G model. The Camera is not as good as Note Ultra or apple Pro max but adeququate. You GET A CHARGER and EAR PHONES. Take my Money!

  11. 2010ngojo

    You're better off getting the original version and get the screen repaired for 120 bucks (assuming it wasn't already repaired). Just make sure the back glasses aren't cracked. Or replace them, fairly easier to do.

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