Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 | Live Comparison | FOLD 1 VS. FOLD 2

Samsung Z Fold 2 fans, just making sure you saw this new footage floating around of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 versus the first generation Fold 1! It’s a fantastic comparison! Thanks to the overseas reporting team for the leaked footage!

13 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 | Live Comparison | FOLD 1 VS. FOLD 2”

  1. Anthony Sim

    I have the Fold. It's amazing. I wanted to switch to the Fold 2 but there is nothing justifying an extra 1k for the upgrade, with half the storage. And no sd card, or pen why why why? At 900 eBay the fold is the best value on the market. The day you add the sd card, and the pen to this device with a price tag of 1700 tops, its game over for any phone.

  2. Roy Whitt

    Doesn't seem like they made any improvements to the display quality. Quality looks the same to me. Also don't like that the video doesn't fill up the screen.

  3. jonbedison

    During keynote they said 6mm thin in open state. Here it shows 13.8 in closed state at thinest point. Is it the angle at close that changes his 6mm statement? I would think 12mm or less would be the thinest point when closed based on the angle and how its tapered towards thinest point? So is it not 6mm thin when open as they said? Interesting…

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