Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 LOOKS SO GOOD!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Hands On, Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra NEW Exynos 990 Update to match Snapdragon 865+, Samsung Unpacked Official Trailer & More!

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 LOOKS SO GOOD!”

  1. Muyanzi Reid

    The Fold 2 is definitely better than the Fold 1 but at this point I would rather buy the Microsoft Surface Duo for 6 reasons:
    1.) MORE Screen for Less Money.
    2.) More Durable overall than the Folds.
    3.) Thinner Body than the Folds. and most High End phones these days.
    4.) It folds in more positions than the Folds.
    5.) Price. the price is $600 less than the original Fold and probably Double That with the Fold 2.
    6.) Since you can fold the Duo all the way around it's a more consistent camera experience whereas the Folds the front facing camera is a different resolution entirely from the main camera.
    7.) More unique looking. The Duo looks more like a Booklet it's a brand new form factor whereas the Folds still has that Boring Tablet look.

    I like both but the Surface Duo is a better buy, specs don't really matter anymore. Its 2020, both phones will run like a champ, it's just a matter of what looks better.

  2. nemure

    zariab: 120Hz is a must, take my money bitch!
    me: facepalm, human eye can't notice difference, stop the placebo auto-cheat and make a proper use of that money!

  3. Kyle Pearce

    better cooling system haha thats been needed for years every Samsung device i have had gets stupidly hot when charging when playing games what ever your doing its boiling. The exynos 990 get rid of it we dont want it its does not sum up to the snapdragon. it may not be a big difference in performance but when your selling a product i expect it to be the same as the one being sold globally as i am paying the price they pay for there device i expect the same performance but it seems not and we have said we want the exynos gone but the consumer is ignored for what to save on cost so you make the maximum amount of profit DISGUSTING your gonna tarnish your reputation with the customer then your gonna need to start skimping down to make ya profit.

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