Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Looks Wild

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  1. Abearah

    Samsung just loves hole punch display. Why put a hole punch inside while there is another outside. I get boomers taking pictures with tablets. But why

  2. Parth Oomphy

    I'm excited about fold 2 but I know it will cost a bomb. People here in India bought the fold 1 only to show off their wealth & to make fun of 11 pro users & how poor they are (it was more like a jewellery piece than a smartphone).
    Sadly I don't have the money to buy it & even if I had, I would probably will not spend ₹2 Lakh ($2000 +) on a smartphone. I know it's one in a million futuristic device, but then again it's not for everyone. IMO, S10/Note 10 is the series to get (they really hold up well even in 2020).

  3. Godzilla

    I think people who complained about the front screen missed the point. It is enough to be a phone, read the odd article and media controls when you need it, but when you actually go to do something that needs your attention, you unfold it. If the new front screen is too big, it will just be a farce to use in a pinch due to weight and thickness. It could have been a bit wider but taller? Nah.

    Also, I type with swipe on the front screen which might be why it is a non-issue for texting?

  4. Julian Mrtns

    I dont get it why foldable phones they take up the storage of 2 phones but doenst matter how u look at it it. U can only use one screen at a time. Besides it does look cool tho I just see more practicality in a iPad or tablet then carrying around 2 phones in 1

  5. eddie marquez

    Besides all of Lews accomplishments the one he should be proud of the most is how much his followers on this and other channels consider his opinion on various topics to not just be important and credible to us but also held to a very high regard. I appreciate everything you do and say and think i speak for most us subs. Keep doing your thing brother. ✌️

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