Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – The Big Problem.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, looks….Great! It’s Specs, Display, Cameras, battery and features all seem to be on the right track, but honestly, I do think there’a a more fundamental problem..
Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra:
Google Pixel 4a Unboxing:

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – The Big Problem.”

  1. inch by inch

    Why didn't they make the fold its flag ship phone and put the beat of everything then charge what you like ….Still buying one 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🥰🥰😇

  2. Boogere William

    When we sat in the meeting with R & D guys, we made these impressive suggestions but they gave us rolling eyes. We didn't want them to think less of us and therefore we didn't pursue those lines again.

  3. geeksofindia

    I don't agree with the points. I sense some bias in the points towards Huawei. The fold is a step in the right direction regarding future of smartphones.

  4. awesomeferret

    I and SO SO many others called this, so many "tech reviewers" embarrassed themselves by swooning over the first Galaxy Fold and defying common sense by claiming that was the future. Sorry, but glass screens are an UPGRADE over plastic. People don't want plastic screens, talk to people , that is one of if not THE biggest reasons most people view foldable phones as a joke/meme.

    And sooooo many people think they get to praise 120hz screens in phones but bully film enthusiasts with 24p. Cinematic is not realistic! I want movies to look more impressive, not less! The hypocrisy bugs me to no end.

  5. elpabar

    I hope I will never see a video so lacking in objectivity again. All judgments are subjective and overall stupid. What a waste of time. Can we block a Youtube account so as not to risk losing another 20 minutes in 6 months or 1 years? …

  6. Evan Wilson

    I had the first Samsung Fold, and I loved it. But over time it became cumbersome. Even folded, it felt like a lot to deal with and his point about the cameras and screens is justified in my opinion. Also the multitasking on this doesn’t seem fluid enough. It wasn’t on the first fold.

  7. Junhyeok Lee

    The fundamental problem of Huawei's foldable phones is that it folds outwards, which not only stretches the screen but also makes it much more vulnerable from damages. You did not explain the most important thing.

  8. I am on Cloud 9

    Some observations:
    -It seems your being hyper critical of the Fold 2.
    -In fact here, you seem to be hater of Samsung & supporter of Huweii (I don't believe you when you say "I am not defending Huwei phone")
    -I sense bit of arrogance throughout this video – you keep saying I am not, I am not… it seems like a place holder.

  9. Bryan Manx

    Samsung: Hey what can we do with a flexible OLED?
    Board of Investors: A folding phone? that will look good in commercials!!
    Users: so unfolded I had a crappy skinny screen, unfolded I have a small tablet with a weird wrinkle down the middle.. It's neat but it doesn't really add to the experience.
    Microsoft: How about a dual screen book that not only has 2 screens but you can drag and drop between the two. opening a link in your email opens in a second screen instead of switching apps. how about a something that helps you do more and not just be a neat feature.

  10. Algos Explained

    Lots of great points that I never even thought about. Thanks! Also I agree with your opinion on the name of the device. I was just on samsung's website and I thought the Z fold was a different product so kept ignoring those links.

  11. Swayda

    4.20 Brah I've had a Note 10+ for over 8 months now and the 60Hz Refresh Rate is not even an issue. And I've played around with my brother's S20 Ultra a tonne. The novelty of this phone is the main screen, which has the 120Hz. A fraction of a second makes absolutely no difference in day to day use.

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