Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Top 10 Features

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 top 10 features will include bigger internal screen, huge external screen upgrade from Galaxy Fold, taking the S20 camera hardware and upgraded internals. Galaxy Z Fold 2 rumoured to be on sale later this year.

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35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Top 10 Features”

  1. Parth Oomphy

    To be honest, YES I'm excited about fold 2 but I know it will cost a bomb. People here in India bought the fold 1 only to show off their wealth & to make fun of 11 pro users & how poor they are (it was more like a jewellery piece than a smartphone).
    Sadly I don't have the money to buy it & even if I had, I would probably will not spend ₹2 Lakh ($2000 +) on a smartphone. I know it's one in a million futuristic device, but then again it's not for everyone. IMO, S10/Note 10 is the series to get (they really hold up well even in 2020).

  2. DeepFriedLemonWedges

    does anyone know which video did he talk about the differences between flagships and budget phones? and he listed that one of them is that flagships' screens are flushed with the body of the phone whereas budget phones' screen bump out of the body

  3. Wayne Brooks

    I want the Z Fold 2 in Bronze or if it comes in Gold like the Z Flip that America didn't get. In America, we got the purple and the other color was black. Only Sprint & AT&T got it so thats why the sales were low in America because the top 2 companies didn't get the Z Flip. AT&T & T-Mobile were the only ones to get the Fold. Could not get it on because you don't know if your company can provide service to it. Hopefully the Z Fold 2 is available to all American cellphone companies because if it isn't then I may just keep my S20 Ultra because it is the same size as the Note Ultra but 5000 mAh battery is better than 4500 mAh battery. If not I may consider if Bronze color comes to America because we all know that Samsung only allows 2 colors per Country. We might only get White & Black in America. That's how Samsung does it every single Year.

  4. jestride

    @6:06 I subscribed to you. You're the only youtuber that did this to show an idea on how the front screen would look. I have asked others and no response. Thank you sir..

  5. Litih'Z _

    Hi TechZG!
    May I ask you a question? A suggestion for a new phone!
    I am currently using pixel phone which is from 2016 and that is also my first ever phone. I have never experienced a phone with high refresh rate
    display and also good performance.
    Here in my country
    OnePlus Nord 6/64 is 340 dollars
    and Redmi k30 pro 6/128 is 346 dollars
    So , at this price
    Should I give up 90Hz display for snapdragon 865 or should I give up snapdragon 865 for 90Hz display?
    I am not interested in smartphone photography that much but I want to play PUBG mobile and Vainglory at high setting.
    Which one should I pick up?

  6. Richard Cowan

    Great video. But one very important thing you didn't mention was what chiosrt will we be getting in.tje UK? For me and a lot of others this will be the deciding factor on whether to get one. For me if it comes with exynos 990 chip I just won't even consider it despite what it does or can do it's as simple as that. The exynos 990 chip is a 100 percent deal breaker. There is absolutely no way whatsoever that I'd pay 2k for something that's has that awful awful awful chip powering it. Anyway can you confirm??

  7. Allwin Baby

    This guy made hunderds of videos about ONE PLUS NODE prior to it's release🤟.
    But after it's release…🤔
    Not even a single video

  8. Mike Lyons

    It looks far better then the Fold one. I still prefer the form factor of the Huawei Xs You get 6.5. Inch full screen smartphone that opens out to an 8 inch tablet. There's also a third screen on the back. The one point that is a question mark over these 2 grand plus floppys. Is it worth 500 quid more than having a 1000 smartphone with a 500 quid iPad. I understand that having one device is far more convenient than having two. However, the smartphone mode on the Fold 2 is way inferior to a top smartphone. The tablet part isn't as good as it an iPad. The fun of having new tech is the buzz in in these phones. I would rather have an iPad and a Galaxy S20 and 500 quid. But then that is just me

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