Samsung Gear S3 Frontier: Why Not Galaxy Watch?

When looking at the Gear S3 vs. Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch is an amazing device but the Gear S3 Frontier feels like a better value considering the price point. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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26 Replies to “Samsung Gear S3 Frontier: Why Not Galaxy Watch?”

  1. Black

    I'd love a Gear S3 Frontier, but for the same price I can buy a 42mm Galaxy Watch. I have tiny wrists, so I'm going for the Galaxy Watch. If I wasn't a teeny 13yo I would opt for the S3 Frontier as it has a bigger battery and LTE functionality.

  2. DrumWild

    As of this November 18, 2020, my S3 Frontier will be four years old. Last night I replaced the battery for $15. Still the best watch ever, for me.

  3. 27shocking

    Can I call contacts directly from this in the UK? Looks brilliant but still want my smartwatch to be able to call people, waterproof and excellent step and distance tracker.

  4. Angel Nerd

    Ifk if i should Buy the gear s3 frontier for this year or that i should Buy the galaxy watch, what do you think i should Do ?😖😖😖😖😖

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