Samsung Gear Sport – iPhone vs Samsung (Android) Comparison with Samsung Health

Let’s take a look at the big differences using a Samsung Gear Sport with an iPhone vs a Samsung phone. Note: you still may not get all features with a non-Samsung Android phone. Get it here:

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39 Replies to “Samsung Gear Sport – iPhone vs Samsung (Android) Comparison with Samsung Health”

  1. chiqe79

    i have just gotten a samsung gear sport, but i have a huawei p20 lite, and all has ben set up, but the phone does not work properly on the watch, but i seem like all the same issues you talk about with iphone, must one really have a samsung mobile, for such things to work, there is also something with messages and emails,they dont show on the wathch… hope its just some apps i need to download.. please help me..

  2. Heather O

    Do reviews get ANY more biased than this? Points out how terrible Samsung is for not having all the features on iPhone and what a poor business decision that is to try and get people to get a Samsung. Yet Apple purposefully created updates to trash the batteries of "older" phones so you'll buy a new one. And Apple's watch doesn't work at all with Android phones or allow even third party watch faces. But "I'm not trying to start an Android vs iPhone debate" ??‍♀️

  3. Barret Ghislain

    This is one solid review and was really suprising. i just bought two gear sports, and one for my partner where unfortunately, i'm the one using iPhone. Kind a late to have learn about this as iPhone user. The missing features when paired with iPhone is just surprising. The messaging part is a big thumb down.

    Not sure if Des also experience the inflated hear rate count in running mode when you also play music at the same time with a bluetooth headphone. To simulate this, start the running mode on the gear sport, then start the music player. Not sure if any others also share share the same experiences one this. In a few of my runs, the readings hover between 175-185 despite I'd stopped running, which normally would then dropped between 110-130 after a while.

  4. Ricardo Santos

    The easiest solution: Install and perform the activities on ENDOMONDO. Then, after the watch sync with the app on the phone, dowload the .tcx file and upload it on Strava 🙂

  5. Nicholas Good

    I had a gear sport but took it back due to some heart rate accuracy issues when biking, it failed most of my rides to register and establish a lasting heart rate, even tried different strap tightnesses and positions with no luck. Wish I knew before hand about the limited features for iPhone users (messages, calls, events, emails etc.)

  6. Tim Robinson

    Great video! I’ve just bought the watch but can’t figure out if Samsung Pay will work given I have an iPhone. It doesn’t seem to appear whenever I search in the apps. Is it compatible at all?

  7. Gamez Tech

    SO much opinion on Samsung to make it right for Iphone uses should be directed to Apple to make apple watch usable to top end android users will be helpful.

  8. enzyme20056

    I need someone else to say they hate the software hardware bugs. I’ve disabled half of the watches functions. And Samsung health now no longer shows how many steps I’ve done despite in tracker managment saying you can’t even remove steps in the app. Bugs are random and varied. I want this watch to die so I can get something that function.

  9. John van de Ven

    In a few weeks, it is my birthday and I would like to get a fitness watch/smartwatch for my birthday. I am slowly changing into the Apple ecosystem and will purchase an iPhone at the beginning of next year, but until then I will have an android based phone. I like the following watches:

    1. Garmin Vivoactive 3
    2. Samsung Gear Sport
    3. Apple watch series 3

    It's easy to cross out the Apple Watch as you have to have an iPhone, or else it doesn't work. As such my Ipad 6th gen is useless in the meantime. Then it comes to the Garmin and Samsung. I actually like the Samsung more than the Garmin as it does have more smartwatch capabilities. I know the Samsung gear will work wonderfully with my android phone, but I am still hesitant because of the iPhone capabilities. Therefore I have a few questions, I hope you might have an answer for:

    1. Does the Spotify app work when its connected to the iPhone?
    2. Can I transfer all my apps that are on my Samsung gear when I switch from android to iPhone?
    3. Were there any updates since the start of 2018 that make the iPhone more usable with the Samsung gear?
    4. As someone who mainly does rowing, cycling and running, do you really think the Garmin ups the game fitness-feature wise compared to the Samsung Gear?

    What do you suggest I should ask for my birthday?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my comment. Your videos​ are all so well done! Please continue the way you're doing right now!

    Cheers, John – The Netherlands

  10. Steven Love

    So can I track my paddleboarding sessions with Endomondo using this watch independently from my S7 phone? Or must I continue to have the phone with me??

  11. Stefan Petersen

    If the Garmin fenix 5 had a just as smooth OS as the samsung, I would have bought the Garmin. Im just considering the Samsung Gear sport over the Garmin, simply because its smoother in its software usage. Also im a iphone user. So that gives me some limits, that the garmin doesnt (compared to if I were a samsung user).

  12. Yannig BEYET

    I bought a Gear Sports in December 2017, sell it back to the vendor 2 days later because of iPhone and 3rd apps limitations (no support for strava, runtastic and runkeeper). Then I bought a Garmin Fenix 5 and kept it.

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