46 Replies to “Samsung makes Fun of Apple(You will hate Apple after seeing this)”

  1. Need For Speed

    Why samsung is the best

    It has microwaves watches tv's laptops MacBook phones and more

    Samsung can charge without wires

    It charges fast

    It is strong

    It doesn't have a shit button like the iPhone anymore

    New emoji

    AR emoji (You can make a emoji if yourself by taking a selfie)

    Note comes with a pen

    A new galaxy store with free items

    Samsung is the next big thing
    In 6 years double camera in 2 years tripple camera then in 1 year later a double foldable phone

    So sell your iPhone and buy a samsung

  2. Santania

    If you are affected by peer pressure and want a fashion accessory, get an iPhone. If you want a reliable phone with useful features and up to date tech for a cheaper price, get a Galaxy

  3. Khahifz

    You know what, why more people choose iphone instead of samsung , the reliability of software upgrade. Even iphone 5s , apple still concern on iphone 5s and its also get the latest ios 12.
    And where is the note 3 and galaxy s4 ( same launch in 2013 ) ? both device already dead and forgotten (no latest update, just stuck with android lollipop lol) , thats why samsung are trash. Samsung never appreciate their consumer, keep bring new phone but abandon the old device.

  4. Tobias SN

    To be honest I hate samsung more after this, trying to promote their weak Ass low end budget products by making fun of their Superior. At least apple knows that they dont have to make fun of Samsung.

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