Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G Unboxing, Setup and First Look

The Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G is out. I unboxing the Note 20 Ultra 5G, set it up, and take a first look at the latest phone from Samsung. I also unbox and setup the new Galaxy Buds Live and S-View Flip Cover case for the Note 20 Ultra. #Samsung #note20ultra #Android

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:29 – Price
00:42 – Unboxing
00:54 – Colors
02:20 – Phone Overview
03:13 – Weight
04:12 – Size Comparison
05:10 – Specs
07:55 – Setup
11:09 – Android version installed
11:40 – How long will the Note 20 get updates?
11:54 – Fingerprint sensor test
12:09 – Preinstalled software
12:45 – 120hz display
13:33 – S-pen overview
14:52 – Camera overview
15:57 – Speakers
16:55 – Galaxy Buds live unboxing
18:32 – S-View flip cover
19:41 – Conclusion
19:57 – Wallpaper
20:12 – Outro
20:32 – End

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Note 20 Ultra Wallpaper:

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46 Replies to “Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G Unboxing, Setup and First Look”

  1. zollotech

    What phone are you using or looking forward to? The Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G is finally here and I show you the complete unboxing, setup and accessories for the phone. Thanks for watching!

  2. Gina Queen Diva

    I love my note 20 Ultra coming from note 10 plus this is a better upgrade for me because, the display and cameras, way better on this device, typing is much faster the other started to lag even with the new updates. I just wish to get the phone in another color cause, I have black but other than that is a great overall experience.

  3. MrLeeFind

    How Many years in a row do they have to give out adaptors? like you should have yours still. everyone should.. its 9 bucks on Samsung's site. cheap ass people

  4. Doug Cannon

    These are the type of review! The second I open this video, he just dives right into unboxing and talking about the specs, setting it up and then a quick a walkthrough on the phone whereas a ton of reviewers like Unbox Therapy, Linus Tech Tips and Marques Brownlee who just gives their own personal opinions, feedback on the device and do device comparisons. I don't care about that, I just want to quickly inspect the phone and review the phone myself to decide whether I want this to be my next phone. Just as if you were checking it out in-person.

  5. Jeffrey D

    I just ordered mines a few hours ago. Paid $399 for it, $436.28 after taxes. I saved $924 and some cents with trade in. That's insane!!!!!! I got this color. I always wanted Mystic Bronze, but Samsung kept running out so I just got which was avaliable. I'm upgrading from the Note 10 regular version to the 20 Ultra. I just hope it was really worth it

  6. Raven Skye

    I absolutely loved the phone when I had it! The ONLY downside was the battery… Didn’t last me a whole day like the iPhone would.. BUT after I went back to Apple, I found out the note had a smaller battery. Either way, I do want to leave Apple again and go back to the note.

  7. Mark Li

    We know Samsung has removed the 1tb option in galaxy S20 Ultra and galaxy s21 ultra because people don't want that much storage in their phone, but galaxy s10 plus is the only phone you need if you want 1tb built ins storage, so get one of these phones only: the galaxy note 20 ultra, galaxy s10 plus, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and galaxy s21 ultra, now!

  8. Roberto Diaz

    so you use a tactical looking knife to open a shitty box, do you also use a bazooka to open your front door? DISLIKED dumbass people who use those type of knives instead of scissors or normal blades to open box get a dislike always.

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