Samsung Note 8 in 2019: Still Good?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 still a top phone in 2019? Let’s find out! Tell me below if you own or have owned a Note phone. Thanks for watching!


Note 8 Unboxing:
Note 8 Review:

Recording Equipment
– Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Camera)
– Fifine K053 Microphone
– Amazon Basics Tripod
– Adobe Premiere Elements 15 (Editing Software)
– Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 (Video Thumbnails)
– CyberPowePC Gaming PC (See Gaming PC Review)
– Polaroid 8″ Tripod

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47 Replies to “Samsung Note 8 in 2019: Still Good?”

  1. LocalTourist

    My Note 8 has been great until last nights automatic update, the format looks like it was designed by a first grader and some of the features are not working now, I don't mind updates as long as they make the phone perform better, this is crap.

  2. juan drama

    I got the note 8 6 months ago refurbished for 310 dollars. On ebay….best phone I've ever owned..the Camara is great ..the screen is amazing…it is a glass phone ..its way more durable than any iPhone…I got a poetic all body case and and it kept it in good condition. Not a scratch ….the battery is ok ..if u do watch video's listen to music it will drain the battery but not that much at all bad at all ..obviously with moderation of course..just buy a case for it a all protective case I said it is a glass phone….so yeah it's a great phone if u can get 1 cheap…

  3. Ukarau F. Kakepare

    Good review bro, I was considering getting a Note9 but now I'm thinking of the Note8 as its cheaper and I don't need a remote control sPen. The battery life doesn't bother me as I tend to have a charger on me all the time and you are right with fast charging it doesn't take long to charge the phone up.

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