15 Replies to “Samsung Note 8 T Mobile UNLOCK Via Z3X”

  1. Abdelrahman Ashrf

    I tried z3x box which took 10 credits while the device was being temporarily unlocked for a month
    Now the t mobile app is still there and it is still saying temprarily unlocked till 10 jan
    Does the app of t mobile disappear after unlocking ???
    Hope you reply asap

  2. IT- Arabia

    hey buddy !
    i have one from italy , but i can't really know to what carrier is's locked
    would it work ?
    is your version of z3x Cracked or bought ?

  3. Rodolfo Kailam

    Hey bro I have a same cellphone,but we'll I never tried with that program Im new , I need root for unlock the cellphone? Cuz I don't want put a root for the update and that things

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