Samsung Note 8 Unboxing What's the Best Color ???

Infinity Screen
Unlimited data on America’s Best Unlimited Network lets you immerse yourself in vibrant crisp videos and spectacular images with the largest, most impressive Galaxy infinity screen yet: A 6.3-inch dual curved QHD+ Super AMOLED display.
With 6 GB of high speed RAM, plus expandable memory, you’ll get best-in-class performance for multi-tasking without lag. And, with T-Mobile you’ll get America’s Best Unlimited Network, so you can do bigger things wherever you go.

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36 Replies to “Samsung Note 8 Unboxing What's the Best Color ???”

  1. 007 jr

    Im A small adminstrative inc & i say yes when i get my costomers ill be doing alot with this phone, processing payments, useing goggle sheats, sending emails, collecting customers info calling to other states for my orginazation let get er done

  2. 007 jr

    I like that i orderd my note 8. I have a small inc, i plan on doing my first promotional event may 23 2003 i need a phone with a 64 gig harddrive for my videos i promote on ig twitt and facebook. I also will download apps like squar to key in card transactions over the phone use google docs for spreadsheats and use g mail to send and recive emails i also process and become a merchant taking orders over the phone its gooing to be a good event my goal is 10,000 entance and about 45,000 audince im running adds on fb promotion of 5,000,000$ giveaway targeting hollywood ca show in south beach when operation is succesfully compleated im moving to Dade miami

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