Samsung One Ui (Android) vs iOS 14 (iPhone) – Which One Is Better?

iOS 14 is out and it comes with some brand new features including widgets and some other home screen features. In this video, we will compare iOS 14 to Samsung One UI to see which system is better.

Obviously Samsung One Ui is android based, so this comparison also means we are comparing Android to iOS, however, Samsung One Ui has enormous features that does set it apart from just a stock Android experience.

We are testing using Samsung One Ui 2.1 and iOS 14 Beta 1.

So let’s dive in.

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36 Replies to “Samsung One Ui (Android) vs iOS 14 (iPhone) – Which One Is Better?”

  1. Tomáš Kolodzej

    I'm bored with Android customisation. I like the look of iOS. I think android is still a little bit ahead. I had Huawei phones and it was amazing. After Google services ban I switched to iPhone. I'm shocked that some features like gestures go back button is missing. I quite don't underestand how iOS file manager works.

  2. ardarulez

    look how smooth and well designed ios is. simply amazing. if u have a ux/ui designer eye, you will get what i mean. all ios icons, animations, colors are well exerted. android still have a long way.

  3. Anar Anar

    Apple fans : well samsung has their way, we also have own way. Good


  4. Mooreese AoD

    It's funny, these apple fans only comment saying
    " YoU cAn MoVe MuLtIpLe WiDgEtS!!!"
    Whoop dee doo! I guess small victories will make y'all want iPhone more huh? When y'all get split screen, can change the camera settings from the camera app just to name a few, then y'all can throw your hat in the ring🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Saadaan Gamerz

    I USE SAMSUNG MOBILES…I FOUND 1UI IS great ONLY FOR(FLAGSHIP) not well optimized for mid range or low…it some time lags..glitches in lower device

  6. xUnbroken

    Honestly, I dont understand why everyone is criticizing both phones, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. As an s10 user, I have hardly any experience with lag or bad animations.

  7. ̣

    One ui is the best, i use it with home up to hide the icon label, hide bixby, just use front screen, and use kwgt. Its so simple and easy to use, the widget that i make maybe looks like iphone but more simple, precision, easy to looks, and more efficient.

  8. Niklas Fan

    5:23 that’s wrong you can do this also with the iPhone! Long press on a Icon than hold the Icon and select other apps
    10:04 that’s also wrong you can choose other live wallpapers on the iPhone while you choose a Live Photo as wallpaper. And it gives much good wallpaper apps on the iPhone for that.

  9. Charles-David Bérubé

    I had both. Android always wins in customization but apple always wins in usability. I prefer an easy, straightforward, fast and consistent phone so iphone it is for me now until android gets it done. Pixel is the closest to getting there.

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