Samsung One UI on Galaxy Note 9 (Android 9.0 Pie) – After 1 Month

I have been using the Samsung One Ui on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for over a month and want to share what I like about the Samsung One ui and what I wish was slightly different.

Even though we are using a Note 9 in this video, this video also applies to Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

So let’s dive in.

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33 Replies to “Samsung One UI on Galaxy Note 9 (Android 9.0 Pie) – After 1 Month”

  1. MzDerbyGal

    Update about 4 days ago Note 9 – in the system notification icons, no signal strength or indicator when the phone is connected to network extender from Verizon even when that notification is set to on. Samsung said well maybe next update will fix that. Do not like the way of the big display of the open apps, greatly prefer the list, Keep Screen On for phone calls, doesn't work and several other setting are gone. Don't like the big display and the new call notification. The screen is much harder to get to respond. Tech support from Samsung said I can reset to factory and have the old system back or wait for their update. Too much-unused screen space and all the controls are at the bottom which causes me to drop my phone just trying to get to them with one hand. Why Samsung did you have to change so much – wish I could turn back time and not have updated.

  2. James Evans

    It just updated to this on my Note 8 last night. Absolutely love it!!! The night mode feature is just sweetness. Thank you Android!! Finally!! Let's see more apps be able to use the night mode theme soon. The Samsung Gallery adjusts to this, and Samsung Internet has its own Night Mode theme too in accessibility and high contrast. Looking forward to more availability!

  3. Felix Umbra

    I hate it. HATE it. Why do they think they NEED to fix what isnt broken?
    "Oh, hur hur. I dont think that horizontal is the best way to close apps that arent being used. Lest make it so you can only swipe up. Not down or left or right. Only up. Fuck those other android plebeians."

    Oh, and it reinstalls bloatware that you deleted before. And the clock is on the left instead of with all of the other information in the INFORMATION CLUSTER.
    Dark mode doesnt work with themes. Themes are broken. So now you're stuck with night mode with really BRIGHT blue buttons, or dark theme with really bright everything else.

    I ask again. WHY does Samsung think they have to "innovate" by reinventing the wheel? The old UI worked REALLY well for a reason. Because it was smart.
    I'm ditching my note 9 ASAP

  4. Chiro Morilla

    What an imbecile update
    Unable to hide the navigation bar.
    Using the swipe type is not comfortable just to hide,it doesnt feel right.
    Its really frustrating to have your screen space occupied by 10% because you cant hide the navigation bar.
    One of the worst samsung note9 updates.

  5. Silverripples

    I find it a pitty that they have abandoned the Dual Camera mode shooting mode. I hope it comes back in a future update. Has anybody also noticed it? Samsung please add it again.

  6. Karel Guzman

    Hi! Very nice video! I really dislike/hate the One UI concept and the whole spacing & bigger 'rounded tiles'. If you need to handle a device with one hand, then get a small device… definitively NOT the Note 9! It is abusive to force everyone using Note 9 to such radical change. To be honest 'Night Mode' is the only way to use the darn device and not to be annoyed with the big white screen, and so much emptiness. They should offer two flavors of UI – particularly for the Note Series users: the (Oreo-based) UX and One UI. BTW Google & Samsung should stop copying/following any other company. I got a Samsung because I like what they present as products, HW+SW combos – I do not seek resemblance to any other product (Apple) when buying a Samsung Note in any way.

  7. Vi An MUSIC

    The thing immediately annoying using the One UI is the bouncing around of the recent apps icon in the navigation bar when I swipe up recent apps or opened apps tabs. The icons dance around and are extremely annoying !!! How do I remove that completely. Its redundant because the apps opened are already showing up as tiny pages / windows you can swipe up to remove or click to open back up again, so why have the app icons on the bottom bouncing around driving me nuts hahahahahaha !!!


    I got the update since 5 days and today i took the decision to go back to 8.1 many thing is missing here recent apps style, 8.1 icons is better sound become less louder.

  9. James Gmx

    I'm on T-Mobile which hasn't pushed the update yet. Reading some bad things about battery life on Pie, so I might defer the update for a while.

  10. Mantas Kristijonas Kuliešis

    Buy a smaller phone if you want to use it with one hand! Buggy and laggy ONE UI is the worst nightmare for note 9 users as I am. Screen space is stupidly uncomfortable gaps between buttons and icons are way to large and all rounded shape icons or tabs looks very bad… Boxes everywhere. Box inside box inside box and so on. Looks like samsung thinks not outside the box but rather inside… Very outdated thinking. And one more thing.. Colors of the icons and all interface is like straight from rainbow.. My eyes are bleeding.. I've used samsung products for 9 years and today I'm starting to think aboud another brands just because of ONE UI…

  11. Brian O'Neill

    It's a ugly ui, the one handed use obsession has made it slow to use and wastes a huge amount of screen space. They also went and stuck the status bar clock on the right side which is the absolute worst feature of it, it just makes checking notifications a crap experience

  12. Soran D

    Does anyone have the same problem as me on my note9 with the official version?
    As soon as I updated it to android 9 when yi use an app in my secure folder and dont close it, the phone will not let me pull down the notification bar, use the recent apps and I also cant use samsung side panel.
    I found out how zo make it work again tho.
    you have to go into the secure folder and exit it by using the home gesture.
    I would really love if someone has a permanent fix.

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