Samsung One UI On Galaxy S9+

Beau HD highlights all of the biggest new features available in Samsung’s new One UI running on top of Android 9.0 Pie on the Galaxy S9+. Which feature is your favorite?

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42 Replies to “Samsung One UI On Galaxy S9+”

  1. Snapper314

    I'm wondering if the update disables the IRIS scanner in some way? Despite the red LED lighting up, my S9+ will now unlock with my eyes closed, & that didn't happen before this update.

  2. sai91

    If you're using fullscreen gestures, its possible to switching to previous app if you have the gesture hints on. Swipe right on the home gesture hint and you'll switch. It's basically the same as the pill on stock android p. Swipe right and hold, you can scroll between your opened apps.

  3. tiktok thots

    One thing I've noticed with this update is that I use a different equalizer for my music than the one that comes on the phone. After the update it stopped working and made the music quality worse. Lots of other people are having this problem. Just thought I'd let you know

  4. Gerald Boutwell

    One Ui has me pissed… I mean, This is cool and all but can you and other tech YouTubers start calling Samsung out for removing a lot of the things that gave us the edge over the competition. One Ui removes photo editor pro and a lot of us note users are pissed!

  5. Mario Arroyo

    Would you recommend buying a S9+ for $250? I have a Pixel 3 and I played with S10+ and I have that itch to waste money I don't need… at least it's not a car haha

  6. d o n c h e e t o

    A couple things I wanna mention (From an S9+ perspective)
    – I love the bigger headers in some apps, also the way tabs have been moved to the bottom. However this only applies to some apps (obviously third party apps are hard to include in the updates layout)
    – You can swipe right from the home button to switch apps which is great
    – love the dark mode (even though the samsung themes store already offered dark modes) it's definitely easier on the eyes
    – I dont mind the horizontal view of apps it's a bit less jumbled than the vertical view (imo). Plus the close all button always appearing on the bottom is a nice touch too.
    – Random suggestion, if you don't like the new icons just download a new icon set from the theme store and you wont lose anything.
    – Yes my battery drains faster, I'm even using the dark mode and can tell the previous update had a better battery life
    – I dislike how you cant hide the navigation buttons anymore (not the gestures but the actual home, back arrow and app drawer buttons) this is a bummer for when you want to use apps in full screen without the hassle of switching back to hintless gestures
    – disabling hints for gestures doesn't allow me to swipe right on the home button to switch apps quickly (only when you use the hints or the original buttons)
    – The edge lighting doesnt appear when I listen to music, kinda liked that feature lol
    – multi screen app use is tedious now, you have to tap on the icon above the app panels then select it instead of long pressing the app drawer button
    – They removed the ability to use app pop up view via the use of a quick swipe from the upper left or right corner of apps, instead you have to click on the app icon above the panels
    – volume seems a bit downgraded for some reason, I dont know why but I've seen others complain about it as well, it just seems less punchier than in the previous update
    I like the update overall, it feels much more "snappier" or responsive. It definitely does need some work though, things like battery drainage improvement and a more extensive system for navigation customizability should be addressed in the next update. I havent seen too many videos that cover the cons of updating to the one UI update so I think it's important to address the good AND the bad aspects as well.

  7. Dim MX

    Nice ui but what about battery life?. I have been using Wi-Fi of data social media apps, browsing and camera. With that way of every day use, and it's New UI update, do battery last one full day or not? I have been thinking between this phone or mate 20 pro! What do you think?

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