Samsung One Ui – Turn on these 5 Crucial Settings on your Samsung Smartphone (Android 9.0 Pie)

On your Samsung smartphone running the Samsung One Ui, turn on these 5 crucial settings that handle security and performance.

In this video, I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running on One Ui with Android 9.0 Pie, however, these tips also apply to any samsung smartphone, such a galaxy s9 or s9 plus.

Let’s dive in.

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41 Replies to “Samsung One Ui – Turn on these 5 Crucial Settings on your Samsung Smartphone (Android 9.0 Pie)”

  1. dq nugroho

    Hi, can you help me how to disable in app sugest rotate screen on ONE UI? I already lock rotate screen off, but if we watch youtube the small icon will shown on bottom corner to suggest me to rotate the screen into landscape. It's bother me.

  2. One0one Lion

    I just downloaded android pie one UI, I was using android oreo 8.1 on note 9. I can't find the high performance mode or entertainment or game modes, I had the option of turning them on whenever I swiped and all my options would show. How do I find it on the pie?

  3. Thomas

    If it auto restarts, assuming one doesn't add in the SIM or pin code, would alarms still go off?

    So if it resets at 3 AM, would my 6 AM alarm still work?


    hi saki it seems the shuttersound option in the camera is gone since i updated too Android pie. Do you know where i can shutdown the shuttersound?

  5. Prince Alsrant

    Hi why does galaxy s9 one ui andriod pie doesn't have change the icon of samsung music and galaxy store and samsung health. It doesnt update on one ui icon at all while all other apps change to samsung one ui icon?

  6. silent117

    I just updated my samsung s9 and two bar like stick appeared on the edge of my screen its like a gesture control for “back” can I switch this off thanks.

  7. Ben

    I kind of like the new update with the exception of the Big Banners at the top of Messaging and Settings. I don't want half of the screen blank with only text.Can this even be turned off? Example at 1:00 – see how it shows "Settings" why the heck would I want that wasted screen real estate

  8. Jayh98

    Click bait. Two of the features shown are new with the One UI update – everything else is common knowledge.

    Save you time – go into device care and turn on auto optimization and auto restart every other day. Everything else you probably already had… considering it's been out since 5.0… or earlier.

  9. movie watcher

    This biggest problem with samsung and most android devices for that matter. After the first year of release they completely forget about it and no longer forward proper updates. This is why apple iphones hold there value way batter then a galaxy ever will. And this is coming from someone that switched from iPhone.

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