Samsung puts Galaxy Fold to the test

Samsung is attempting to put to rest doubts over the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s durability by revealing how each device is tested. The company released a video on Wednesday that shows its devices undergoing a factory stress-test, where a line-up of brand new Samsung Galaxy Folds fold, and then unfold, and then fold again.

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47 Replies to “Samsung puts Galaxy Fold to the test”

  1. Ultra Gamezz

    Lol people who are hating on Samsung are either iPhone fan boys or don't know innovation if it hit them in the face. People need to remember when iPhone made there revolutionary first touch screen people chased after it and till this day lot's of people won't admit that it had problems because nothing is perfect now I'm not hating on the apple products but it's just not my cup of tea but I will all ways prefer the company that comes up with the new innovation of the future.

  2. bcount1

    how are you going to put a case on this. I know so many people say welp just dont drop it. That is not being realistic. accidents happen. Eveyone I know without a case has a cracked up screen.

  3. Kim Verhaege

    It’s a brick with a clearly visible seam running trough the middle that still runs shit software. Samsung needs to learn to make great products not just decent ones. Nothing beets an ecosystem where everything works seamlessly together. I switched to a mac a few years ago and have since adopted ios in both iPhone and iPad and nothing beets this system!

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