Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max / Mate 20 Pro EXTREME Camera Test

Comparing the triple camera on the 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10 / Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS / iPhone XS max vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera.

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41 Replies to “Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max / Mate 20 Pro EXTREME Camera Test”

  1. gil genove

    this guys is fucking idiot.. so stupid to compare 3 type of phone it comes in camera.. you should use to see the features and types of mode of camera.. explore more.. specially on huawie.. stupido..

  2. WillyM415

    For me it still comes down to the ecosystem. While the S10's camera is "better" in some areas and "worse" in others, it is a damn near perfect smart phone in all other areas. On top of already preferring Android over iOS, I really do love Samsung's One UI. It is just an impressive device. Although I will say, I prefer the Mate's notch.

  3. Balachandar V S

    Is that the Exynos version or the Snapdragon version? Read some where that the Exynos version has a degraded image processor than the Snapdragon… is that true?

  4. Artur Kärmet

    I own huawei mate 20 pro and its really great phone. Weird comparison, because iPhone and Samsung prises are over than 2x more than huawei on my country. Even new flagship huawei P30 pro is almost 2x cheaper and does better job.


    i gotta be honest,,, iphone isn't bad considering the time it was manufactured.. but i use iphone for various useful applications,
    not merely for camera shots.. $1000 should be worth more than jus taking snap shots ya know.
    i think ppl put too much value in the photo quality, they are all enough for amazing shots both day and night.
    Only a matter of personal shootin' skills and editing skills.. I totally understand how ppl dislike iphone for how expensive it is. but
    at the same time need this for various appz like garage band etc.

  6. Reigo Liiv

    S10+ front doesn't use 2 cameras for wide and regular. Same camera is used for both, just cropping one. The 2nd camera is just for depth information.

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