Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max / Mate 20 Pro – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro Smartphone Speed Test. A speed test comparison between Galaxy S10 vs Apple iPhone XS Max vs Mate 20 Pro including Benchmarks, Apps Opening, Browsing, Multitasking, Gaming and more.

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25 Replies to “Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max / Mate 20 Pro – Speed Test!”

  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    I know this video is a bit late, but I reckon its the most comprehensive speed test you've seen on the S10. Let me know what you think to the test, and if there are any sections you would add for future episodes! ?

  2. Shen Zhiming

    Don't forget that Mate 20 Pro is 1 generation behind the S10+ and still performs better sometimes, Note 9 is in the same generation as Mate 20 Pro
    And iPhone's price is miles ahead of the 2 android phones,
    So Huawei is overall winner

  3. Josh Winslow

    You need to redo the fingerprint sensor section of the video considering the S10 Plus update on the fingerprint sensor and made it much better. Even though I never had a problem with mine LOL. It really is on how you touch it not too hard not too soft

  4. Ammad Aleem

    S10 plus the most slowest Samsung's phones are faster in the beginning but in later time they starts to get slow maybe coz of their operating system even in this comparison s10 plus is the slowest and one of the game was already lagging in future it will lag more

  5. Antony Wong

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro just stands out because it opens apps and games the fastest.
    It is also the best phone in the world right now in low-light photo-taking and zoom.
    P30 Pro will be even better.

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