Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max speed test comparison! Which is faster?!

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41 Replies to “Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Speed Test!”

  1. Umer Ajmal

    now s10 is a little fast but after some time it will definitely become slower amd slower so spending this much money on android is waste as Android mid range and upper range phones get slower so its better to get andrpid mid range device as both r almost same iphone is iphone

  2. Mmabatho Khoza

    hey man can I please get that iPhone x pleas man I really want it and my parents cant afford it can I please get it and my bday is on April around the corner and thanks for the entertainment

  3. Sidrat Sherif Raef

    I literally don't know what is Samsung point of view by putting this small thing that looks like a notch on the phone in my opponion I would rather buy a note nine better than buying the s 10in my opinion……….. ???

  4. MJ HUNT

    You can clearly see on PUBG mobile, which need a lot of performance, Samsung is good from the beginning but after a some months it’s getting worse but iPhone still working the same

  5. Hameed Khan

    It is not fair because they are only making Samsung more and more famous it is the sign of those mobile which cannot get success.
    And they are touching both mobiles at a time.

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