Samsung S9 – I'm Switching Phones

My Samsung S9 Plus review is still to come but I’m switching over to it as my daily driver.

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The variable aperture lens is cool. But when you compare photos from the S9, keep aperture number in mind. (Don’t compare low light F2.4 photos with low light F1.5 photos)

Other phones like the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 XL have very wide apertures as well!

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30 Replies to “Samsung S9 – I'm Switching Phones”

  1. Dave Lee

    I'm not convinced on the variable aperture thing. It cool to have but I'm perfectly happy using a phone that has a fixed wide aperture. But I still really like this phone. The inclusion of stereo speakers fixed the biggest issue I've had with Samsung flagships. Definitely switching over to it as my daily driver. Thanks for watching!

  2. Rahul Biswas

    Welll coz u are a retard and that is why u dont make good review and that is why u dont get views and that is why u dont like samsung….that is why u are a retard….

  3. Subhashis Sen

    Hey Dave,How about you do a long term review of this phone before the S10 comes out in a few days. That would give an idea about how the phone age over time and how does it perform after the honeymoon phase.

  4. Foxxie55

    Just seen the vid. I've been iPhone since 2010.. After purchasing the iPhone X last year, I sold it two months later.. Some reason I just can't stand Apple anymore.. Might be the lack of the ability to copy stuff to the computer and / or back to the iPhone.. Anyway, I've been watching the leaked videos on the Samsung Galaxy S10/plus phones.. Those things are very beautiful and if Samsung doesn't get stupid like Apple did and raise their cost up,, I'll be buying one when they are released…

  5. PryinBrian

    "I don't see a difference with f 1.5 and f 2.4 apertures."

    "Low light performance may be even better than the pixel."

    I wonder why that is HMMMMM

  6. j

    Gotta say I own one loved it then hated it but with a launcher changing icons bypassing the bixby button and ram management improving after a few updates thinking bout sticking with it for another year unless the s10 is a total redesign lmao.

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