Samsung vs Apple – The Verdict Explained, Vergecast Special Edition

The Vergecast returns on a Friday night to report the news of the Apple vs. Samsung verdict live as it happens and give the in-depth analysis you need to make sense of it all. On tonight’s episode, Joshua Topolsky is joined by a team of Verge correspondents to go page by page through the jury’s decision, and discuss the implications and next steps for Apple and Samsung. For even more coverage on this controversial verdict visit the story stream on The Verge:

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46 Replies to “Samsung vs Apple – The Verdict Explained, Vergecast Special Edition”

  1. AK M

    Why do people say Samsung fans can't afford apple products?? The gs4 is expensive, the s3 was expensive. Samsung products are expensive you idiots

  2. Khurram Zahid

    ones i been told when someone try to pull you down, then believe you are above that person…. wrong decision because its not about the pattern is about a certain types of product requires to act in specific way .. doing that doesn't mean you are copping

  3. gomzos knwles

    Just think about what your saying, im not hating im quite neutral between phone companies. But they had the Imac, Ipod, Itunes and the ibook, how is making the name iphone stealing it from another company. And if you look at the facts, the iphone 1 changed the game for smartphones, No touchscreen in that day had a glass display, let alone no physical buttons. Not hating just saying 🙂

  4. Andey Thiel

    i agree. i mean look at apples actions over the year. hell they even stole the name i phone!!!! and then had to go to court just to steal half the rights to the name!!!! how many products are legitimately even designed and developed by apple and how many are stolen?

  5. Fuckkk Youu

    Who made multi touch on a smart phone APPLE but im not an applefanboy i have samsung stuff to like a tv of samsung and a samsung blu ray a samsung phone all i have from apple is thier phone

  6. Qwuille

    Now Apple MUST have their Universal Search in one virtual screen "ALWAYS".
    Not like in ICS or Jelly bean which can tag along multipe screens!

    Also, tip Apple about all apps that exists that has "universal search", even for pc's, Launchy anyone? Geez!

  7. MardenNowferma

    Nein, eben nicht Samsung, und nicht HTC. Samsung und HTC benutzten falsche Software, die dem Netz schaden kann, haben viele Sicherheitslucken, und entsprechen nicht den Kunden-Erwartungen. Samsung und HTC durften in NATO Landern gar nicht verkauft werden.

  8. Saur

    Of course – the company is too expensive to buy for you. At the moment it's the most expensive company in a history of capitalism. d-:

  9. Rafael Guzman

    I hope apple losses every other lawsuit. They are an evil empire. The consumer losses in the end. Is pathetic that a highly profitable company would do this.

  10. Justafrienddotcom

    Lmao, first off I am not a fanboy… i own 1 iphone 4s. thats it. I have been interested in getting a mac book with retina display for my graphic design, but that doesn't count . if you have a rival thats what you fucking do? you going to run a fair and shared market? Your a fcking dumbass. All i was saying was apple doesn't need them and its the same the other way another.

  11. PhilipOConnell

    Sorry to say I just watched a set of tests and the 4s was dropped multiple times and still worked afterwards so your comments are bullshit.

    Also FYI I own a android phone so I certainly am not a fan of the iphone so don't even bother acccusing me of being one get you facts straight before spreading bullshit just like Apple has done unfortunately android fanboys think that it is ok for them to spread bullshit instead hate to tell you it is not

  12. raysschoko

    Its a realy good documantation but its all wrong. If you go trough the law you will find the answer. Emotions are not a good judgment. Its not about Samsung and Apple. Can Apple have a paten on something they didnt invent. BYlaw NO. The law in the US. Its clear prior art in the rest of the world lest hope for the costumers in the US it is too. Apple stole inventions from the original Ings. And try to make the most money out of it.

  13. Ryan

    Fuck you apple. You steal other companies ideas use them and then sue the company the made them in the first place. So i say fuck you apple.

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