Samsung Vs Apple – Your brand loyalty is STUPID

Samsung and Apple have been battling for supremacy for years. But why do you need to be brand loyal? Brand Loyalty is a huge waste of time. Let Samsung and Apple try to outsell each other and just enjoy products. Don’t be a tool.

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24 Replies to “Samsung Vs Apple – Your brand loyalty is STUPID”

  1. TopHatCat1989

    I'm loyal to myself and my wallet, I choose the product I need/want because it is what I can afford and it does the job I need it to do. Brand loyalty is dumb when it's blind loyalty.

  2. The Warptarium

    When ppl comment "apple is better android" i instantly lose respect for them. You want me to take you seriously when you dont know a damn thing about tech?? Android is an operating system. NOT. A. PHONE. go attack samsung lmao! Not android!

  3. dok dok23

    I think it's because we want validation that the brand and the phone is good. So when someone argues that so and so brand sucks people feel attacked that they made a bad choice.

  4. ReCo Fizzy

    The only time i get upset is when i buy a samsung and my friends and a lot of iphone users say im poor or some seriously dumb shit to try to get me an iphone, if they said "i fucking hate samsung i love iphone, you can like samsung, but im gonna like iphone" that would be fine i wouldnt care, but when they trash talk, like cmon let me get what phone i want

  5. Jaysann22

    I love the "tool" analogy. Its really the best way to explain things. And its true. I dont know how many times I've had to almost yell the fact that tech products like computers and smartphones are TOOLS. NOT fashion accessories.

    But using your tool analogy to answer your question "why should I buy a Samsung brand smartphone over an Apple iPhone??"

    Well I'd put it like this. The "Samsung Hammer" can hammer all types of nails plastic, metal, wood, etc. While the Apple hammer can hammer metal nails ONLY. HOWEVER the Apple "hammer" is $2-300 MORE.

    Now, which "hammer" do YOU think you should buy???

  6. Tikki Styles

    I’ve used android phones since 2010. JUST got my first iPhone a couple months ago and it works far better for me than any other phone I’ve owned. Heck my galaxy s8 was fantastic and had a ton of features that I NEVER used. I gave the iPhone a shot because I wanted to simplify every aspect of my life that I could and everything the iPhone does is great for what it is. Might not be the best value but for the way I actually use my phone it’s damn near perfect. The s10 is impressive though that’s a fact. Point is fuck brand loyalty. If you go off of what works best for YOURSELF and YOUR work flow. The way YOU like to do things instead of worrying about everyone else doing what you do I PROMISE you’ll be much happier

  7. Randy Lubbers

    I’ve always been an Android fan, don’t care if the phone is Lg, Samsung, one+, whatever! Now I have my first IPhone because it just works better for me for what I do. I may switch back some day, who knows? As for me, I am not brand or OS loyal, I like to try everything.

  8. Gerald Green

    I ain't gone lie I use to be an ? sheep, then I saw the light. Guess what all of them at the end of the day do the same thing. ???? There are much more things to worry about in life. Great Video!

  9. Manu

    I pay for what I like and understand rather than what others are buying at least when it comes to Tech , Brand thing is not for me I've used iPhone till 4 , than Samsung, Sony, Motorola and now pixel I don't know about next I even used a Chinese phone people never had heard about cause spec was good enough for me and my pocket ?

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