Samsung vs Bose: wireless earbuds showdown

The Samsung Gear IconX and the Bose SoundSport Free are two truly wire-free earbuds that haven’t gotten as much buzz as Apple’s AirPods, but are either earbuds worth investing in? That depends on how big you want to go. Senior Editor Lauren Goode reports in this episode of Versus. Subscribe:

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42 Replies to “Samsung vs Bose: wireless earbuds showdown”

  1. pinakim11

    I have JBL wired headphones, no need to charge, sound awesome…I use them with lg g7….5 hrs battery life isn’t that great..wireless headphones still evolving and may take some years to become mature, until then I will keep my existing headphone

  2. hakim kartti

    Let's be honest and clear I have both the icon x 2018 and the Bose there's a huge difference between both of them Bose more durable better base better range and the most important better customer service if you have any issues . Samsung is the worst customer service in the planet they will let you wait forever

  3. Pitou Hong

    Boss fit my ears and stayed in my ears without dropping during gym session.
    By the way, are they really twin? Or just some video effect like what movie use?

  4. Johnny Le

    I had a chance listen to both headphone. Bose is very clear and loud. But Samsung Galaxy bud is not far behind. If u worry about the look then go for Samsung. But for quality sound the go for Bose.
    My wife would for sure goes for Samsung because of design and price. She doesn't had a good ear to distinguish a good sound…

  5. Gonzalo

    I own the Bose, and every time I watch a vid like this one I think aaag all of it's competitors have more features to them… but then I hit the play and remember mines sound 5 times better and I forget about everything else. And they actually fit me perfectly so they look awesome and bc of the wings they never fall out, not even skiing

  6. Iamzombiehunter

    Hahaha, I almost fell out of my chair when she said Samsung has pretty good sound quality. Bose has EXCELLENT sound.
    Samsung sound low budget vs Bose, End of Debate!

  7. Dream Catchers

    I love my Bose Free, didn’t let looks be a factor. I wanted the best sound and volume. Bose does one thing well and that’s sound, hands down. Yes they are basic without lots of features. Do you want lots of features from your earbuds or just good sound? There’s the deciding factor. Great information video though. Lots of strong points on both ends. 👍🏼

  8. Van Vien Pham

    I also tried both Samsung and Bose, I found that the Bose was better than Samsung, Bose was comfortable and very good sound quality, while Samsung was not fit with my ears, so I felt uncomfortable, and sound quality was less good than Bose.

  9. JE D

    The Bose headphones stick way out, to the degree that they look a little ridiculous. What kills both of these models for me is that they don't have multipoint. Ideally, I'd like to be able to listen to tracks from one source, yet also be able to take incoming calls from my cell, etc. I thought some of the more expensive options like Sennheiser's might do this, but apparently only Jabra makes true wireless IEMs with multipoint. Does anyone know of other models with multipoint?

  10. Hunter Tran

    I've had good experience with Bose but I wanted to get the Sony because I was thinking about upgrading to a Samsung sometime in the future. They are amazing!!

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