Samsung's Foldable Phone Is Unbelievably Bad

Alongside the announcement of the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e, Samsung also announced the Galaxy Fold (the first ever Samsung foldable phone). Not only is it the most uncomfortable-looking smartphone that I’ve ever seen, its utility (phone + tablet) makes absolutely no sense when the price point is considered. It costs $1980 in the United States, and I see no future in which it exists as a viable option on the market. What do you think?

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42 Replies to “Samsung's Foldable Phone Is Unbelievably Bad”

  1. Randall Rogers

    I have to be different. I think the Samsung Fold is very innovative in testing the flexibility and durability of new screen technology. I believe this phone will pioneer new flex tech that may be useful in other applications. Though I would never buy this overpriced monstrosity, I think this may be the start of something great.

  2. Lionel X

    4:36 that's when the youtuber falls victim of his bias. It's a known phenomenon: when someone is wrong (ie here having an iphone when it's by all means an inferior product, cheaply made, cheap materials, cheap components), they often go deeper in denial and make excuses away from the point.
    Look, if you read me, deep down you KNOW more RAM is ALWAYS better. It just is. There is no such thing as too much RAM.
    Sorry friend, but doing this just shows a fragile ego, and your tone unfortunately outlines this. I don't mean to be rude but you're making a fool out of yourself with your bias.
    Just admit it: iphones are bad and move on.

  3. Cameron Cusick

    I’m an apple fan. While there are a lot of things I hate about this phone I can admit that it’s cool and innovative. The problem is I don’t ANYONE giving up their iPhone for this even if it was $500 cheaper. With the iPhone X I saw plenty of ppl give up android for it. And that’s why apple will remain on top

  4. Marvin Mosby

    Apple fanboys: dumbest idea ever.

    Tim cook: introducing the 8gb iFoldablePhabletThingey at the starting price of $4999.

    Apple idiots: This is soooooooo INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE ?

  5. Jenny Wan

    If your saying stuff like this…no one was asking for apple to take away their phone's home button away…they still did it, and people still bought it…

  6. Ryan Singrossi

    Also why is everyone acting like this is this first foldable phone… Didn't Motorola do a razor foldable? Or was that just a concept phone? With Samsung and razr there are at least two more foldable phones that will probably be released in 2019. Plus apple is looking into the technology. There will come a time when people will say, " remember when our phones didn't fold? How did we ever manage?" Lol maybe not really, but the longer you are alive the more you realize how possible that scenario is!

  7. Ryan Singrossi

    He's complaining about more GB or ram? Because he personally has never needed it…?
    I wonder if he is on Samsungs PR list and if he has gotten the fold to review or look at in person. I know this video is a little older, it would be cool to see him review a phone that he's actually seen in person and touched rather than review based on specs on the internet…. not saying he would like it any better, I mean he is an iphone fan… But it would be nice to see him actually base his review on testing the phone out for a day or two at least.

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