Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has EVERYTHING

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Tshaka got his hands on the brand new Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and boy oh boy, does he have some thoughts. He’ll deep-dive into this beast of a phone and show off just some of the many features packed into the ultimate phablet. But the big question here is whether it’s worth the $1,300 price tag attached to it. Even with all the bells and whistles, that’s a hefty price tag. So is it worth it? Watch on and find out!

In this video:
0:55 – Hardware and battery life
4:22 – Software, specs, and display
6:18 – Cameras
10:35 – DeX (screen mirroring)
11:21 – Upgraded S Pen
13:15 – Recommendation


For those who have requested Tshaka’s amazing phone wallpaper gallery, here you go:


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14 Replies to “Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has EVERYTHING”

  1. Selvin C

    Thanks for your feedback makes me feel good about my n20 ultra 512gb purchase. This what a note suppose to be everything in there, price well its got it all and I'm loving it so far 😀 as heck. Great video thanks for the run down again.

  2. Fred English

    Love the content and I would like to all mentioned! Impressive-ordered and hope to see mine soon. Give me more content, save me from figuring it all out on my own. This why you get paid the big bucks… right? No hate just jokes people, jeez.

  3. Frank

    I preordered the Note 20 Ultra and will be getting 4 months of YouTube premium. I’m also getting the tab S7 Plus, which also has 4 months of YouTube premium. Will I be able to combine these two, or should I wait until one expires after 4 months then activate the second?

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