Samsung's New Galaxy S10 Phones: First Look

Samsung just announced its family of Galaxy S10 phoness, including the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 5G. Here’s a first look.

They’re expensive phones to launch in a landscape where consumers have shown they’re less willing to part with $1,000 for a new phone, helping companies like Huawei and Xiaomi gain market share, especially in China. It’s one reason that Samsung, like Apple, is launching a cheaper $749 phone this year. Earlier this year, Apple warned that economic headwinds in China sent iPhone sales down. On top of that, the company said people aren’t upgrading their phones as often as they used to.

The challenge today for premium smartphone makers like Samsung and Apple is to make devices that are compelling enough to buy, even if they cost $1,000 or more.

The new Galaxy S10 phones are solid devices, but there aren’t any “must have” components here that will force customers to ditch devices like last year’s Galaxy S9 or maybe even the Galaxy S8 that was launched in 2017. And I don’t think there’s enough of a differentiating factor in these devices to pull anyone away from Apple’s iPhone family. They’re still Samsung Android phones.

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Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Phones: First Look

45 Replies to “Samsung's New Galaxy S10 Phones: First Look”

  1. Joey D

    With the push to 5g would it be worth buying a S10+ or just wait until the 5g version is released? I would hate to purchase one and find out that a year from now my phone won't work on a new band freq

  2. Random User

    The fact that this phone is still not sold out amazes me The hype for this is crazy and their giving you free galaxy buds and a fortnite skin ( but who cares lol )like wtf their just giving you money back to buy their phone

  3. Zion Gallant

    I will agree that Apple and Samsung both make well built premium phones, however, (opinion) I do believe Samsung has always had the edge (no pun intended) to Apple due to innovation. For example. The S5 was waterproof, had 4G, Apple was 2 years behind on 4G (till the iPhone 5) and Samsung had wireless charging years before. That is why I will be the odd one out in my household full of Apple products. Good Day!

  4. kyle009 00

    The telephoto camera on the front is useless. One hole wouldn't be intrusive like 2, I want the S10 but the screen is too small. I prefer S10 plus screen size but I hate the dual camera

  5. MsLatte205

    Do you think the 5G is worth wait and cost? Any ideas on the price of 5G?

    For the fingerprint reader I've never used the thumb this it recognize other fingers? Will this fingerprint scanner work well with screen protectors?

    Also, Samsung I'm ready for onscreen privacy filter option.

    Lastly this power share will it work with a case on the device?

    I wish they would go back old school and allow you to set timers on certain features. I miss being able to have my phone power off and on at certain times. I wish they would bring it back and then add it to wifi and Bluetooth etc.

  6. MUDmuncher

    You know might aswell not show us this and make a private screening of these phones for super rich people out there cause that pricing is too high

  7. Adrianne

    I’ve never felt so ashamed to own an iPhone 8+. Broke at the moment, but I would have bought this if I had more money. Gg Samsung, you guys just made Apple look years behind. The fingerprint is beautiful!

  8. ???

    love how Samsung is so ahead with their ideas that it makes the iPhone X series look like they were made years ago, I'm not hating on Apple but, they are not as innovative as they used to be, it's sad.

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