Security flaw allows any fingerprint to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint reader has been balky from day one, with users reporting it could be unlocked with a 3D-printed fingerprint. Worse, a buyer recently discovered that if you install a third-party screen protector, a non-registered user could unlock the phone. Now, Samsung has acknowledged the problem and promised to patch it soon, according to Reuters.

“Samsung Electronics is aware of the case of the S10’s malfunctioning fingerprint recognition and will soon issue a software patch,” the company told Reuters in a statement. The problem has been deemed serious enough that an online bank in South Korea, KaKaobank, has advised owners to switch off fingerprint recognition until it’s resolved.

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38 Replies to “Security flaw allows any fingerprint to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S10”

  1. Rick Malone

    I call BS, mine doesn't work most of the time and I made 5 of 1 finger!
    Also, "a photo can unlock it… not good!" No shit! If that were true it would be "not good", except for the fact that that has literally always been the case with all phones prior to this year that used this! Nothing new and nearly impossible with even 2D!

    That's why you do the entire set-up, so that it takes a 3D scan. My S10 can't be fooled by a picture and anyone can use the same software as the 5G to ensure theirs does the same…

  2. Jameel Qureshi

    Fingerprint scanner to unlock the S10 Plus is absolutely rubbish. The amount of times it tells me my fingerprint is not recognised ot it tells me to press harder, what a joke. I have switched off fingerprint scanner for all my apps and to unlock. Using the good old password to unlock.

  3. Justin Cui

    Why is everyone making a PR scandal out of this? One of my friends has an iPhone 7 and I accidentally unlocked his phone just by pressing the home button.

  4. Doctor Brain

    Get your facts right please. This issue came up because the user registered her fingerprint through a cheap jelly screen protector. That doesn't mean anyone can unlock your smartphone with any screen protector which is not registered. This happened because she registered the jelly screen protector not her finger. It wouldn't have unlocked if she didn't register her fingerprint again. I don't know why people use plastic jelly screen protectors instead of tempered glass protectors anyway.

  5. Frankie Bagz

    I don't get why people go crazy over the phone unlocking over a picture if you lost your phone at a store the person is not going to know what you look like so having a picture being able to fake the face detection really doesn't matter

  6. flap jack

    I use an Armorsuit Case Friendly Wet Install Screen Protoctor and I have No problems on my Galaxy S10. Nobody else can get in my phone. I let about 15 people try to get in with their fingerprints.

  7. Zhiwei Lim

    Bashing the brand without even understand the problem. Go watch iphonedo channel, that is a quality channel. The problem is the ultra sonic sensor is scanning 3D surface of the silicone cover (the side that it facing the phone, just to make sure the you understand), not the fingerprint itself.

  8. Aryan

    I am using S10+ i've not faced any kind of issues regarding the fingerprint even with different kind of glass protectors. They do this to get some attention only.

  9. Imran Hasan

    It's still secure. If you register your finger print with that silicon protector on, it will scan the protector not your goddamn finger. Ugh! And a person using a 1000$ phone can easily invest in a better screen protector. Shut up you damn lady!

  10. Vishnu Vasa

    Samsung : Please use only approved screen protectors and not third party ones
    People : * use cheap third party protectors and complain *
    Samsung : Am i a joke to you?

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