Shein iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases! *super cheap*

I’m out here saving money on some cases 💞

Links to all the cases:
✰Bear with coffyyy:
✰Drowning bear in cloud:
✰Abstract Aestheticcccc:
✰ insta baddie banana:
✰Pintrest AESTHETIC:

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even tho I was late this week……. srry

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me sending all my luv to you ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

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50 Replies to “Shein iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases! *super cheap*”

  1. Sonia Shahzad

    Some cheap Case are bad it’s just a band belive me I had all my cases from eBay for years
    Now I ordered from AliExpress it was here within 3 weeks
    Lolz I got even got my iPhone 12 Pro Max but I got about 30 already and I have ordered some more from shein too hahahah just like you I love my phones cases hahha

  2. Christine Eve Pioquinto

    I see my reflection in you 😂 Got 7 Cases for my iPhone 12 Pro and 7 Apple Watch straps…And now Ordering another batch of cases from Casetify following your link even though I live in the Philippines and it cost very 🤑 But still so excited for it to arrive 😍

  3. hey it’s rose

    2 things….

    bruh i love you so much. your personality and like finally someone that’s obsessed with cases the way i am. i just bought a $40 case and after finally telling my family about it they all judged me 😣😣 so then i started watching videos on case collections and I FOUND YOU and you’re everything i’ve ever wanted in a best friend !!! i cannot believe this. i recently have also been in love with butterflies and your butterfly cases and nails 😍😍 YOURE TO DIE FOR. I could not have found your channel at a better time and i feel like i’m dreaming.

    2. sometimes it seems like you’re on an episode of my strange addiction 😂😂😂😂 but it’s okay girl cases are amazing SPOIL YOURSELF !

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