10 Replies to “Should I Go iOS or Android First?”

  1. Chris Lagos

    I say start with Android. Then, once you understand the mechanics of building and designing an app it should be fairly easy to try the Apple way. I remember trying to learn objective C 6 years ago. Hated it. I took JAVA in college so Android development was a no brainer for me. Plus, there is so much tutorials about Android development. What I need now is several translator that could translate my super powerful calculator app about to hit the PlayStore. I hope it sells.

  2. Oldschool Thrasher

    I'm a web programmer. I decided to start with android since i knew Java earlier. But it was a bit time-consuming to get into the API. It's way different than conventional Java programming, specially GUI. It takes time to learn, even for an experienced programmer but totally worth it!

  3. Plano Best

    The more I get involved with apple the more I hate it. Your "advice" leaves the user useless and stranded very similar to what owning a Mac or any Apple product will do. don't develop for iPhone develop for android the process is much easier.

  4. Aron john

    which language is better and more easier to learn and get familiar with JAVA or OBJECTIVE C? and  which platform is more dev friendlly android or IOS? please send me a msg when u make the vid about this question thnks mate

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