Should You Buy Note 8 in 2019?

Should You Buy Galaxy Note 8 in 2019? Hello all and welcome to this episode on whether or not you should consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2019. I have had this phone since launch day and I have extensive experience and thoughts to share with you here in this video. If you have had the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before or currently please consider sharing your experience and thoughts with the community to help others out as that would be appreciated and as always, enjoy the content 🙂 Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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50 Replies to “Should You Buy Note 8 in 2019?”

  1. Bill Feinberg

    Terrific video…and love the production and scenery. I have a Galaxy s8 Plus and it's still great. I won't be buying a new phone until 5g becomes a reality here in NYC.

    If you have an s8, s8 Plus, or Note 8, go into Developer Options and change Animations to 0.5, then change GPU Rendering to on. For day to day operation, it will fly like the s10. Perhaps the s10 might be better for gamers, but I'm not a gamer.

    There is one underrated feature on the s8, Note 8, s9 and Note 9. It's the press-sensitive area at the bottom of its display, where the virtual square on-screen home button sits. This area allows you constant access home no matter what you are doing. There's nothing like it on any other phone.

    I went into the T-Mobile store to play with the s10. What a beautiful device! However the lack of press-sensitive home button is a deal breaker for me. I hope that Samsung brings it back to their flagship phones.

  2. Its Me

    From someone who still has the note 4 as their daily phone, I could promise you buying a note phone will last you forever with no lag. ?

  3. pig Latin master

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I absolutely love it it actually broke for about 6 months and I debated for about three months. I wanted to get it fixed or not and it was so worth getting a sex even into 2019 I would highly recommend this phone for anybody especially moms

  4. wayne payne

    Hi I bought a galaxy note 8 and I love the way it works no problem with the speaker and the camera works really well…no complaints at all money well spent!!

  5. Melvin Freeman

    I still have my Note 8. But, I’m preparing it for trade-in. My biggest concern was will it have explosion possibilities like the Note 7? I used mine for 14 months. I heard of only one person with that problem. I’m looking to upgrade to to a iPhone XS Max. My second concern with the Note 8 was too much clutter. My third concern was my great dependency on the SPEN. People tended to think negative things knowing I was using it. Yet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome phone!?But, as Nick mentioned, the one speaker grill at the bottom is tinny and low in sound. Landscape mode isn’t available 85% of the time. It has a great camera and battery life though! I had the coral blue. I got mine Dec. 2017 at Best Buy for $300 off. I was wanting to wait for the Note 10. But, I decided that the Note 8’s weak trade-in value isn’t worth the wait.

  6. Saeed Simmons

    ??? THE OVER EXAGGERATION… these tech reviewers an more are pure comical. My guy said the note 8 scratches… aaahhh yes an every other phone with glass backs, my guy.

    Read some of the comments, ppl say that phones like this shouldn't get updates 4-5 years later?? 6 gigs of ram is not enough? Like do ppl get that, that's more than some newer laptops? Sheep… stop it! Just admit, your being Shephard along with the rest, to by new phones that do the SAME DAMN THING!

  7. Eric Soto

    I have both the Note 8 and the note 9. The Note 8 screen is better the note 9 is a little softer and not as punchy in the colors when compared to. They dialed it back a little bit.

  8. Travis Hong

    Have the Note 8, switching back to apple. My phone no longer has fast charging and this happened right after the 1 year mark. Still dont know the reason for it even though I contacted tech. First had to return the note 7 now the note 8 doesnt support fast charging, not happy with the samsung quality

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