Should you buy the iPhone XR or a used iPhone X?

A used iPhone costs around the same price as Apple’s new iPhone XR. So which one should you buy? Is the iPhone X’s beautiful OLED display enough to top the iPhone XR’s other new features?

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36 Replies to “Should you buy the iPhone XR or a used iPhone X?”

  1. nebu

    im using a 6 plus right now and this phone is not really usable anymore and im thinking to upgrade. 1gb of ram is just not enough anymore on ios 12 (i guess it never was we just didnt realise lmao) and i cant do two activities at the same time. both of these phones would be a lot lot lot better but i still cant decide.

  2. TooZ

    I do not recommend the iphone xr, I just bought it and I'm going to change it for an iphone x used, since the screen difference is very noticeable and I think that a 720p lcd screen does not measure up in these times.

  3. Invite Material

    iPhone X is still the go to with oled screens. And the battery life is always a joke anyone that has ever owned a iPhone for a month knows it gets shitter as time goes on. Also the A12 chip might be better in bench marks but VERY little difference in anything ur doing.

  4. chopper's place

    always enjoy your reviews..and i'm watching alot of reviewers lately (marques, zolotech, unbox therapy etc).
    i have a 5 yr old nexus lg 5…stll does fine. but i like a 6' display….remember 5 yrs back when prices were sane….but it is time for an upgrade…considering an apple phone (as i have ipod and ipad pro gen 2)
    but the prices are insane…also considering oneplus 6 or even a used pixel xl 1st gen to just get me thru the next little while until
    prices drop (esp with apple's sale worldwide getting a spanking and they cutting production on their latest series)

  5. Joe Wilson

    Don't think I could go from a galaxy to XR, the display is the most important aspect of the phone to me! I would have to go for the X and it is still a beast!

  6. Ekphrasys

    The audio department, camera (even if it is a single one) , new Face ID are muuuchhh better on the Xr!!! Stereo recording which is important if you shoot videos and improved speakers on the device itself … sorry but the only thing iPhone X/Xs have are OLED screen and telephoto. Period. Oh, and I saw dozens of comparisons between Xr and Xs and strange enough straight plain pictures on Xr are better than Xs! So, if you want to waste money for an Xs it’s up to you guys…;)

  7. Johnrhey Buen

    does it matter?im still using 215 ppi,android lollipop,1gb of ram,8gb of storage,mali400gpu and a sc7731se soc in 2018 since can still manage to get things done but stressful. so you're lucky if you have one of those

  8. Bob Ranch

    All Im thinking after using 401ppi for 3.5 years to 326ppi for 1 year and I could have 458ppi for the same price. And stainless will not chip as aluminum will…so for the long run I will get a new X.

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