Should You Still Buy The LG V30?

In this video, I take a look at the infamous LG V30 Android smartphone in 2018/2019. Is it worth it for the low price?

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24 Replies to “Should You Still Buy The LG V30?”

  1. Adir Kabilo

    I'm using V30+ about a year now (after G3). Maybe it doesn't have the best specs in the market now, but it is a great phone with perfect design for my opinion.

  2. Rique

    my lg g7 was stolen. i loved the size of that phone.

    should i get the V30 $200-300
    or the G7 again $300-$380

    i loved how the g7 was thin and how it fit my hands even with a case.

    ideally i would get the G8 since it has the oled screen.. but thats $600+ right now.

  3. Fashizy

    If it wasn't for the fact that I bought this phone as a backup phone to my Pixel, I'd be really ticked If I paid full price for it and still haven't received a Pie update. LG phones are definitely not worth more than that 260 bucks I paid for it.

  4. Chris Dorr

    Just bought this phone and I am insanely impressed, the speed and overall performance is so awesome! Cant wait to test the quad dac, gots to get some sweet headphones now 🙂

  5. Sebastian

    Yes Indeed…Not Only Should I Purchase The Magnificently Splendid Device…I Definitely Considering Purchasing It By The End Of This Year~After Seeing Multiple Videos Like This One Within The Last Week…I'm No Longer Disappointed With The 6 Inch Display As I Was In 2017 When The Device Was First Released…The Display Size~Design~Specs~The Lot…ALL Marvelous And Satisfying…And Best Of All~It And The LG V30+Is Well Less Than Half The Price It Was In 2017…It Shall Be My First Flagship… Hopefully…

  6. Barry Selfon

    I purchased the V30 in October of 2017. I heavily use it daily with no lag whatsoever. It has been very good to me . my only complaint is the front facing camera sucks

  7. Fashizy

    Watching on my "who knows when it'll get Pie" v30. But hey, you don't buy an LG for timely updates. You buy it used on eBay 1 year later for about $250 as an emergency backup phone to your Pixel device ?

  8. G

    "Infamous" means "well known for some bad quality". In its day, the LG V30 definitely was not bad at all. On DxOMark, the V30's camera is still in their top 30 for overall performance, video is great, and for audio, with its Quad DAC, the V30 still has not been topped by too many phones in 2019.

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